Anti-surveillance activists send a drone to pamphlet-bomb German NSA complex

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A few hours after this happened, the website on the pamphlet was added to the web filters.

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“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

It seems the laugh-at-phase was skipped, but the TLAs and associated politicians are not ignoring us anymore.

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What an excellent idea!

It’s a support group to help intelligent officers break free of their lives - think Alcoholic Anonymous for spies. The video on the homepage is done very well (Drake! Schneier!) and the publicity stunts are worth a look.

Billboard in front of the US embassy

Organized is this by Peng, think German The Yes Men.

The Wired piece linked in the original article gives a good summary of intelexit.

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We know that there are employees of the Dagger Complex who are experiencing great moral conflict because of their tacit involvement in spying.

Wrong framing. Spying is cool - just ask James Bond.

What these creeps do is peeping.


And then they got hit with fines for littering!

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