Inspired by Snowden, more NSA insiders are blowing the whistle


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It’s Jesselyn Radack, I believe.

Oh, and HOORAY!!!1!!!


It is kind of worrying that the NSA is scared of further leaks… is there worse to come?


This is unbelievable and amazing. It leads me to think that the nefarious doings of the NSA have been so bad for so long that the dam is just finally breaking.


Glenn Greenwald has said just exactly that. “The worst is yet to come”. Yes, we’ve only seen the beginning.


I hope and feel that BB has been contacted by the NSA or related parties in relation to the publication and pursuit of this issue. As threatening as that would sound, it would make me rather proud of the BB efforts in this important arena of human rights.


I wonder if we’ve reached the point yet where Snowden is beyond prosecution. Not in a technical sense but in the sense that he is gaining so many allies it would be extremely difficult in practice to do it.


Snowden has reached the point where he’s in danger of accidentally shooting himself in back while accidentally tripping over the edge of a cliff right after he accidentally stabbed himself in the leg with an umbrella containing ricin.


Neah, he’s been smart about that. All the data was very publicly entrusted to third parties long ago. At this point there would only be downsides to knocking him off. In fact, I suspect that there are some people for whom Snowden’s genuine accidental death would be something of a nightmare. If he really did slip in the bath tomorrow no one would ever believe it wasn’t them.


What makes you think they have been contacted by the NSA?

  • I am adding more to this post because I want to express that my tone should be interpreted in the spirit in which it was written, and that is genuine curiosity, and not snark.

More a “hope and feel”. Extrapolating out the NSA and associated parties efforts to tamp down the “leaks”, I wouldn’t be surprised if every media outlet that has demonstrated support for Snowden and whistleblowers has been touched by some form of contact or other, 3rd party or otherwise.

If I were involved in the dampening-down effort, it’s what I’d do. Y’know?

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I would think they would be looking at the original news sources and maybe checking out the commenters here and elsewhere. The social media part seems to hold their interest (and suspicions). I don’t know if they would be as concerned about aggregators, but what do I know?

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I’m surprised to still read comments against Snowden, and pro government, on other sites. I imagine some could be attributed to sock puppet gov’t shills, but not all.


I’m pretty sure that BoingBoing would have already paraded that contact around for all the world to see.

Its what I’d do.


My sources show BB running 150k hits per day. Influential editors / contributors with broad audiences and high-profile awareness.

I don’t know either, but just feeling that it’s possible that some touch has occurred. Not reading tealeaves, just feeling it in my bones.

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Yeah, I know.

But playing the paranoid skeptic, were I the “NSA beastie”, I’d be aware that BB would act in that way, and would use a more subtle approach.

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I’m ready to join the angry mob that will surely form if they try.


Don’t forget that he’d sawing through his own neck clear to the vertebrae in a particularly impressive suicide.

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Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold.


I hope part of that worst yet to come includes bad things happening to the NSA for all of this.

Seems like nothing much has changed. Except my opinion of the government and Obama.

Healthcare is nice. Maybe he can untap my phone, internet, and god knows what else too…