Anti-Vaxx numbers still rising, stupidity will kill our children


Who came up with that flyer in the graphic, Dr. House?


When I have bad dark days I imagine Trump telling his followers that the Flu vaccine is a muslin plot, and then there’s an pandemic and his base shrinks by 25%.


Anti-Vaxxers are the moral equivalent of serial random mass murderers of children.


I think his point was that the target audience (anti-vaxxers) watches those crap channels.


My kid, 16 months now, is as vaccinated as possible. Sadly, at least two sets of parents we know (one of whom I’m related to! ugh!) have not vaccinated their kids of similar ages. One of them is a well educated, reasonable set of people who are both immigrants and still well traveled, and the others, well, they’re not Idiocracy style stupid or full on Deliverance hillbillies, but they are a little more isolated and tend to buy into a lot of conspiracy theories, etc., but are otherwise good people.

It’s not always who you think it is. Worse, it’s not always even the reasons you think…

The first couple – they are afraid of the additives in the vaccines and their effects on the kid (which are apparently worse than killing your kid, I guess), it’s derived in non-organic ways, etc… Note, they may have vaccinated since we last saw them, due to taking the kid to Eastern Europe to visit family. At the time, though, we visited with our then 1 month old and were horrified to find this out after visiting overnight.

The other couple… well, you see, there are specific chemicals added into vaccines we use today, and those are the same chemicals Hitler added to the water to control the populace. I can show you this video I found on Facebook where someone demolishes the whole program in 2 minutes…



If there was a chemical that could actually be used to control people, it would be in our systems and we wouldn’t be living in a 100% controlled environment.


I used to worry about muslin plots, but I find that so many of them tend to be rather . . . transparent, shall we say? Easily seen through? Anyway, I no longer fear muslin plots and I encourage others to do the same!


You misspelled “children of his base”


It’s not suicide. It’s homicide.


Just sneeze on them.


Except that the flu hits seniors hard.


“I need to keep my distance while we’re talking, because my immune system is compromised so I have to protect against you giving me a potentially lethal disease.”


I wonder what percentage of adult antivaxxers were actually vaccinated as kids? Be interesting to know.


Autistic pride! Deal with it!


Just so you know, it’s possible I could be a carrier for measles, mumps, or rubella so you probably want to keep your distance. The MMR vaccinations I received protect me from the complications (according to their Wikipedia pages: diarrhea, blindness, meningitis, and pneumonia for measles; meningitis, pancreatitis, permanent deafness, and painful testicular swelling that may result in infertility for mumps; and bleeding problems, testicular swelling, and nerve inflammations for rubella) but if you haven’t been vaccinated I wouldn’t want you potentially to get sick.


I dunno, but I’m considering printing up a bunch and plastering my frustratingly antivaxx town.


I think that you’re on to something here, @Boundegar. Folks in the US have had it so good for a couple/three generations, and all the Bad Stuff, like nasty diseases, war (you know what I mean), widespread poverty and hunger is so distant, that it can never happen here.

Sometimes I think that those of the Greatest Generation (of the WW2 era and a bit after) did such a damn good job at making life comfortable, that their offspring got too soft. It’s easy to complain about first world problems, or problems and risk that are not likely to happen. And, “I don’t want to pay for it”.

I tell my kids that the sprout has to be exposed to the elements to become strong and grow tall. It has to regularly bend in the breeze to develop a strong trunk so that when the real storm comes, it is ready. Yes, it’s uncomfortable now, but I would rather you feel some unpleasantness (because that’s all it is) now, so that you will be ready for when the hurricane hits.

(I want to write a longer essay about this, but time’s always short…)


One of my favorites:



Here is another country’s opinion. A link to the confidential GlaxoSmithKline report on which the court decision was made is included.