Arizona kills vaccine education program to placate the ignorant


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♫ Take off your rainbow shades ♫


Aaaaaargh. What about the fact that vaccine Ed programmes are necessary and do affect the public. Why can we not be protected from idiots rather than the other way round?


Without a doubt you people live in the dumbest country in the world


Wait wait wait. That means 100 people complained about this, in spite of vaccinating their children ? Do they use vaccines as a disciplinary threat, or what ?

Or those were 100 people with no children, complaining about what is taught to children of other people ?


Sounds like those were 100 bitter, lonely, barren anti-vaxxers.


Because 'Merican Jeebus.

Good news, world! You won’t have to worry about American hegemony for much longer because we’re slowly killing our kids on purpose.

Most likely. See the first line of this reply.


If I get sick because of one of these types of yahoos…

From the article “Most of the emails did not identify where the parents live or where their children go to school.”

Why would they even consider opinions without checking who was opining.? christ, what assholes


And this kind of stuff is why I’m increasingly of the opinion that not vaccinating your kids, barring a legit medical exemption, should be prosecuted as child abuse. Fuck the anti-vaxxers with a tetanus-infected rusty rake.


Well, step one, don’t move to a regressive state like Arizona. Seriously, I see this being one of the biggest issues for the next few generations of Americans. The anti-intellectual, racist, misogynist hate mongers conitinue to overpopulate states like AZ while progressive, open states expand healthcare, education and infrastructure programs creating a further bifurcation of American society. When the regressive states collapse in on themselves financially, run out of resources and alienate the younger generations who see their fellow citizens flourish across the state line, shit is gonna get really, really real, for real.


Eh, let’s not get too smug, mmkay?


Ever notice how all anti-vaxxer parents are vaccinated?


A few especially-moronic state governments, a minority of idiots who want to inflict harm on the rest of us, and an asshole President do not make this a dumb country.


Welcome to Arizona, where hate goes to die, but not before poisoning everything around it.


Damn the lollipop consortium and the good ship they rolled in on.


It’s a democracy. We chose this, or choose not to stop it. Truth is, I don’t think we’re dumb. I think we’re something much worse.


The problem is that leaving places like Arizona as festering disease pits tends to bleed across state lines to places that make reasonable choices. Borders are remarkably porous to both concepts and pathogens.


yea I live in Canada - we have a few dumbasses for sure but we don’t let policy get changed by them. Yet anyway


The Ford Family.


The propaganda is that today’s vaccines aren’t yesterday’s vaccines where it attacks one type of disease or a couple. The propaganda is that today’s vaccines are designed to fight off umpteen diseases and it’s that, that’s causing autism etc.

So this makes a layperson say, “Why should I have all those? It’s just to make the vaccine makers rich.”

Honestly, the first time I heard this propaganda, I too felt a twinge of hmm, there may be some truth to this.