Anti-Vaxers attempt to over turn California vaccination laws


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I wonder if there are enough of them to force a recall? I really hope not.


It’s something the loony left and hard right agree on, beyond destroying public school and moving all to charter/homeschools.


Fuck these people.



FTA: The resident,…, wanted to research the issue before agreeing to sign the petition.

Does anyone else suspect that the resident would not know what ‘research’ looks like, even if it hit her in the face?


I wouldn’t. Sounds like they’re likely to have diseases.


Never doubt the power of under-informed Gen Xers trying to prove they are the true masters of their fate. What GenX lacks, is more than made up for its ability to get holier than thou about the wrong issues, especially our children.

California recalled a governor for being as lackluster and out of control as every other governor. Our ballot initiative system, which these fools are gonna use to their advantage, is how things like Prop Hate (8) can exist. Anyone with enough cash can buy the sigs to get on the ballot.

If you’ll fund it, we can craft a law declaring Boing Boing the official state news source.


This is the same woman who got banned from her son’s school for trying to incite children to protest the common core.


I bet the resident was just trying to find a way to decline signing the petition.


This. “I’m going to go inside and research it, shutting and bolting my front door so you will leave. This is a lot less confrontational than telling you you are nutso while there is a reporter and photographer here.”


Way to paint an entire generation. Why not call them what they are? Idiots, regardless of age.


Looking at that photo causes the “Kyle’s Mom” song from South Park to run through my head.


Seriously, how much do you need?


Don’t think about Stacy’s Mom, whatever you do.


From what I’ve seen on Things Anti-Vaxxers Say - its not GenX, or at least, not just them. Its older gens, and younger gens, and all, getting together to “damn the man” (save the Empire!).

(So says a defensive GenX-er) :wink:


$50k gets it on the ballot. $1MM gets us a win – tho I bet we could crowdsource better PR?

I’d love to see the GG/washed up muppet alliance position against the ballot initiative in the voter’s handbook.


Well, the way this thread is polling you’ve lost the GenXer vote right out of the gate.


Me and my peers, never getting along.


If we could find an appropriate issue to centre the crowd-funding around like the Church of Satan are wont to do, I don’t think that a large amount of cash for the war-chest would be impossible to find.


I would think of having the reporter/photographer there as an opportunity to tell her she’s a nutso.