In California, an underground network of anti-vax doctors will write your kid a medical exemption letter to get them out of their vaccinations


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I think there is an over-estimation in that second piece of data.


Doctors who write these type of letters (probably ‘cross my palm with silver’) should be at the very least sanctioned by the AMA, and if their negligence results in a death, have their license revoked.


Truth in advertising would dictate that they call themselves “Physicians Against the Hippocratic Oath.”


her organization strives to make sure its doctors give medical exemptions “in accordance with California law.”

Perfection, if this is the case then the path of least resistance is write the law to be crystal clear that this kind of fraud, child endangerment and public health hazard will not stand.


Wait until the tax reform bill guts public education in high tax states and the voucher based model that Betsy DeVolutionS wants will allow anti vax to thrive via religious intervention manifest in the private parochial schools.




Find them and bar them from practicing medicine. This behavior is exceedingly fucking dangerous since suddenly ‘oh hey all these supposedly vaccinated kids are getting sick.’ and sudden panic that results?

I want them found, barred, and then brought up on medical fraud and malpractice charges.

Edit: Inevitably once ‘vaccines aren’t working’ the anti-vaccers will sit and crow at how right they are to not trust vaccination which the news doubt which inflames what should be a normal flu season into ‘the spanish flu’. So again. Find these people. Press charges.

Someone doesn’t wanna get their kid vaccinated? I think it’s fuckingstupid but I’ll know to avoid them. Someone gets a phoney paper saying they got their kid vacced? That’ willfully lying about shit that is dangerous


First, fuck some shit up.


Dead children. Lots of them. With well-to-do parents.

When it happens, that might fix it.

But probably not.


Jesus a medical degree is a crummy education.


These are exemptions. Papers falsely stating “my kid can’t be vaccinated due to risk of adverse events” based on frankly no evidence at all.

These aren’t phony vaccine records which are very bad too.


Anti-vaxxers are the moral equivalent of serial random mass-murders of mostly children.


AFAIR, California still is into Capital Punishment.

I’m not, OTOH. But this is something where I can easily loose my temper. My niece is on immune suppressant due to an organ transplant. She’ll never get all the vaccinations.

These arseholes - parents, but especially the medical practitioners - are endangering other people’s lives for their own benefit.


Does anyone really benefit in the balance? How does a handful of silver match up with endangering your own clients?


Still scumbag as fuck.


Absolutely, but let’s not forget the facts :slight_smile:


I was going to say, 200 seconds sounds a lot more like it.


Wasn’t this trend basically grandfathered by the Californian phony medical marijuana workaround? A bunch of doctors willing to write you a practically baseless exemption from legal limitations/obligations, on demand, for money? “A broad list of conditions that qualify” sounds eerily familiar.