Anti-Vaxers attempt to over turn California vaccination laws

Until Sharon, you know, Jayson’s mom? Well, Sharon is totally an anti-vaxxer, and I just do not want to have to deal with her when I see her after daycare. I have enough crap to deal with as it is without her calling me “Mercury Mom” until high school.

I’ve discovered parenting is mostly about staying low and just shutting everyone else up as much as you can.

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It used to be bipartisan airheadedness but the current versions of the Birch Society have done their best to coopt vaccine hysteria as a right-wing purity test. The last three or four loons I’ve seen ranting about the VACCINES in comment threads all turned out to be climate-change denialists as well, and started complaining about “Alinskyite bullying” and “straight out of the Alinsky playbook” when they found themselves the targets of ridicule.

Crank magnetism is a harsh mistress.

The big names in alt-health web-marketing and anti-vaccine campaigns (Mercola, Null, Adams) have always leaned towards free-market extremism and freedom from regulations, but more and more they seem to combine that with gun-hoarding, survivalism, Paranoid Style and anti-Obama rants.

I’m going to leave a couple slices of bread by the door just in case they show up…


The law isn’t just for public school children, it’s for children attending any school, including parochial and other private schools. The only way to decline vaccination is medical exemption or to be home-schooled.

I’m not arguing with you here, the problem is that the Birchers used to be mocked, but with the rise of Fox, Glenn Beck, Ron Paul etc., the General Rippers are mainstream.

Don’t forget that they all work together with the “New Age” indigo children crowd.

Perhaps the problem is the way that Birchery became a lucrative and frequently-emulated business model.

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Especially with the Koch bros devoting million after countless million to its legitimacy.

Cant we just create a “Colonial Williamsburg” style enclave for these folks?


This is the best idea yet. Lets check with the UN and see if we can’t give them a part of Palestine too.

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Washed-up muppets? Is it okay if they get a new flag?

I know it might be wrong…

As it should be. Don’t expose your unvaccinated kids to the public. That’s irresponsible. If you want to keep your kid vaccine free pointlessly, you should keep them in quarantine, like the bad parent you are.

If your kid can’t be vaccinated for a real reason, like they’re allergic to the vaccine, then by all means, they can go to school. But your personal philosophy isn’t grounds to put everyone else at risk. Your personal philosophy can’t hold a candle to the science and facts.

So either vaccinate your kid (like a responsible parent), or keep your disease carrier to yourself and out of contact with people who have compromised immune systems or otherwise can’t be vaccinated (like a less responsible parent, who is denying their child the national and international standard of care that’s been essentially proven to work and prevent epidemics).

I’m not sold on the idea that antivaxxers should be allowed to keep their children in quarantine either. As far as I’m concerned denying the kid the standard of care for no reason is the same as neglect and child abuse. I’m tired of JWs killing their children by not allowing blood transfusions, and faith-healer sects letting their children die of preventable and treatable diseases.

Children are NOT their parent’s property. They’re human beings. And the parents have a duty to their children, enforceable by the state, to provide adequate care, feeding and education. Not fulfilling such duties is neglect and abuse, pure and simple. So it might be time to start prosecuting parents who allow their children to contract diseases like measles and pertussis because they didn’t vaccinate when they could have.


I see that OtherMichael has met the Feebles.


I DEMAND this to be done! And further more I DEMAND Doctorow be installed as California’s new Chief Rabble Rouser.

Make it so, and where do I send my donations?



But I’ll say one thing that I’ve noticed here in CA (particularly sunny So. Cal., and even more particularly, Orange County, the home of the Maus Haus). After the delightful Disney measles outbreak, the antivaxxers have lost a lot of clout and people are more hesitant to hop on the stupid wagon (thankfully).


Those antivaxxers say that this type of mandate is fascism, but they don’t seem to be able to tell apart what is their property and who they are stewards of. Children aren’t owned as property, and the state has an interest in preventing them from being abused.

What the antivaxxers think of as a fascist regime is nothing more than standing up for the rights of their children to long, disease-free lives. I wonder how many of those nutjobs think it’d be okay to just rub dirt on a broken arm, instead of taking their kid to the hospital to get it properly set and immobilized? I’d guess not too many. So it goes with vaccines. They’re abusing their children and refusing to provide them vital medical care that not only protects themselves but also the most vulnerable section of the population.

It also really pisses me off that they think they know better than literally 99% of biochemists, doctors, epidemiologists and statisticians. Talk about a disgusting lack of intellectual humility.

Antivaxxer: “I have a degree from Google University that says everything you think about vaccines is wrong”

Epidemiologist: “Oh, well in that case, I can’t hold a candle to you. I only spent 10 years in an accredited institution getting a Ph.D. and proving that I can do original research and understand this field. I then went on to spend these last ten years devoting my life to studying this further and understanding it the best. But you read a blog entry at, so I guess I have to defer to the expert here.”


I just looked at that ThinkingMoms site (wasn’t sure whether you had just made it up to take the piss, ha) and it seems to be mostly ads for scam health products. I wonder what % of the antivax movement is perpetuated by those fraudsters (one of the sites also seems to be a pyramid scheme)?


A lot. Have you ever heard of homeopathic nosodes? It’s the homeopathic scam ring’s answer to safe and effective vaccines. No needles no OMGMERCURY! No immune response stimulation.

The homeopaths need to be tossed in jail for that shit. They have blood on their hands, and have yet to answer for their crimes.

If you look at almost any alternative medicineman (read witchdoctor), they always first say “real medicine that’s been shown to work is killing you!” Then they say “buy my bullshit supplements at my website instead!” Then they start wiping their ass with $100 bills from the dying children with cancer they’ve tricked into stopping chemo.


Some exist to sell Double Secret Mercury tests that can detect the vaccine-damage-mercury in your body that other tests miss (then they will sell you chelation potions). Some exist to sell Double Secret Recombinant-DNA tests for the victims of Gardasil injections, and then offer ambulance-chasing legal services. Andy Wakefield had his worthless measles-immunity product all lined up, ready for the market, before he came out with the announcement that existing measles vaccination causes autism.

It is all strangely reminiscent of Glenn Beck’s links to the Goldline grift.


No, you see, the people who scammed my dad with “blood parasite tests” administering a galvanometer as he was dying of cancer were totally in it for making the world a better place, you see!

It’s actually about Health Freedom!