California officials warn anti-vaxxers to avoid Disneyland




In fact, unvaccinated people shouldn’t leave their homes, and should seal off all airflow just to make sure.


Well no, that’s as dumb as avoiding immunization because mercury. Somebody should tell these parents they’re entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.


What’s the Venn overlap between parents who think that a vanishingly tiny amount of mercury is sufficient reason to withhold enhanced immunity from their precious little granola seeds, but think a full dose of overpriced corporate consumerism is just fine…?


I would like to take this space to warn anti-vaxxers to avoid me. I have a tendency to punch at stupid.


I wouldn’t be so angry about this if it wasn’t killing thousands of children who had no choice about how dumb or gullible their parents are.

Not to mention the children who will be harmed no matter how hard they and their parents try.


For what it’s worth, there’s a group of ages for which the original vaccination may be unreliable. Apparently there’s a simple test that one’s physician can provide.

Most children born after 1971 received a measles, mumps and rubella vaccine. It requires two doses to be 99% effective. Doctors say those born before 1957 likely have been exposed to the virus and are immune. Those born between 1957 and 1971 when vaccines weren’t as reliable should check with their doctors to see if they’ve been properly vaccinated.


Poe’s razor has a double edge. Who knew?

Carefull. Their skulls are eggshell thin and their internal organs explode on contact.


Funny how some people for some reason reject what people literally would have given their left arm for 100 years ago.


New Disneyland attraction!

“The haunted anti-vaxxers graveyard!”

BooOOOoooOOO!!! Pathogens are faaaaake!
WooOOOwOOoooooo! It’s a conspiiiraceeee!


I’m not worried, I’ve been vaccinated.


*puts on tinfoil hat It’s a blackflag operation by the Obama administration to wipe out Disney as they have become too powerful. takes off hat Whoa, did I just black out there for a second?


Without herd immunity, vaccines aren’t as effective. You should be worried.


Wealth gives you the privilege of watching your children die from easily preventable diseases. Too bad there’s no vaccine against stupidity.



What @marilove said. I imagine they erupt, ejecting their spores like some evil fungus.


well, they’re… stupid.
also, they think this is a real thing - “everyone is entitled to an opinion”



The ironic thing is that Disney hired Jenny McCarthy for their New Years Eve broadcast…


I deal with dumb people every day, I’ve built up a tolerance.