Antibiotic resistance: Watch a documentary tonight, join in a live chat tomorrow



One thing you can do is to spackle any wound with antibiotic cream. because these topical antibiotics would be different than the first choice oral antibiotics your doctor would give.

“If evolution is real,” the know-nothings say, “then why can’t we see creatures evolving today?”

Here’s just one horrifying answer. Not that they’re interested or anything, but still.


While I agree, those same people may believe that the change in bacteria is not evolution at all, but a certain someone’s wrath for, I don’t know, what is it today, gay marriage?

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I have hopes that work like that of Bonnie Bassler can change the tide here. What we need is serious focus and fast funding to help spurr on work like hers. Her TED talk.

This program was incredibly depressing. Interesting that Sebelius declined to be interviewed and today people are calling for her resignation for the website clusterfuck. Also, no one in government is in charge of resistant strain monitoring, planning or reporting. No death certificates are ever tied to these diseases, so the US approach is basically “ignorance is bliss”. I suppose saying that there are nightmare bacteria and sounding an alarm is enough.
Doing something about it is another story.

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