Nightmare bugs: Answers to your questions about antibiotic resistance


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I work in molecular biology but I’ve never seen a plate streaked like that. How was it done? It looks a lot like a circos plot.
Beautiful, even if what it implies is less than inspiring.

Should the questions show immediately, are they being moderated, or is it not working on my end? No questions of mine seem to post.

“Please note that your questions will not immediately appear in the chat, and that we may not have time to include all questions submitted. Questions may also be edited for length.”
I guess that means it’s moderated.

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Okay, yes, thank you, I just read the ? portion. As usual, I thought I was doing something wrong at first. I feel better that I wasn’t. I can be technology challenged at times, it seems.

Yeah, me too :slight_smile:
It feels like typing into a void. Hopefully they answer some of your questions.

If they don’t answer your questions, send them my way. They might make good fodder for stories here!

(And I just asked your question about who is in charge of death certificates, IMB)

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Thanks Maggie. I didn’t save mine. Some questions may be answered by the general discussion.

Google images seems to think it’s a picture of a plate that’s used bioMerieux’s ChromID ™ CPS ® system. Never used it so can’t say why it looks like that.

It’s a spiral streak plate. I was told about them when I studied microbiology, but I never saw one prepared. You can make one using a Heath Robinson-style homemade device, or a high-tech robot.

Awesome, thank you!

As an aside, they should have played Unchained Melody in the background of Tecan video.

Two questions:

  1. Since all antibiotics work differently on bacterial cells…does resistance to one carry over to another?

  2. In Libby Montana, the greater population has been exposed to lung shredding fibrous geological glass particles. The expression of disease is about 20% of the population. The first Public Health Emergency in the Unites States was declared there some time ago. EPA has told the population to take antibiotics as preventative care. Presumably to stave off pneumonia and other lung infections that undoubtedly will occur under the circumstances. What is the trade off here? Try to save lives while risking resistance? Drop trying to save lives because of the risk of resistance?
    . .

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