Antiques Roadshow erroneously appraised 1970s high school art class mug at $50,000

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That’s one of he hazards of folk art. With out provenance, one can mistake something new for something older, based on the style.

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who wants $30,000 to $50,000 lying around their house?

Who wants a cursed demonic turd idol lying around their house?

(I actually think the piece is quite impressive. It just doesn’t evoke any positive emotions in me.)


This is a good time to (re)watch the Orson Welles movie F for Fake and learn about how the “expert” created the difference between the “fake” and the “real”.


So the one on the top is worth $50,000.

And the one on the bottom is the fake, worth $300.

I can’t tell the difference!


Now that he suspended his campaign, Heidi is just going to have to put up with him.


Zing !


I think it’s lame that the appraiser had to add "…Still, not bad for a high schooler in Oregon” considering the compliments he originally paid it. What, now that we know it was made by a high schooler in the 70s it’s suddenly not as worthy of praise (ignoring financial value)?

Though to be honest, no matter how many times my wife explains it to me, I’m always surprised when an 80 year old tin toy is appraised higher than an 800 year old piece of pottery.


I’m always surprised when ugly modern crap gets valued higher than things that are not only much older (and rarer) but much more beautiful, too. It’s all about demand, and apparently enough people want some weird shit to make it valuable…


“As far as its age is concerned, I was fooled, as were some of my colleagues,”

Fooled? Who fooled you, bro? I don’t see anybody here saying, “behold the Goblet of the Ancients.”


I was watching Bargain Hunt (don’t judge!) and they were sorting through the usual bric a brac when the expert pulled out a plain bowl. Apparently it was Roman, nearly 2000 years old. It could be had for around £100.

I think the jug in question is amazing and shows great artistry, I can see why it was mistaken for something of much greater value.


Meh. The producers of the program only want to show crap that no one in their right mind would pay any real money for. Now I realize that there are a lot of folks in the .01% who literally throw money at things with no value, but seriously can you imagine what kind of collection a turd like that would seem appropriate to join? Great artistry? My dog creates better objets d’art on the neighbor’s lawn a couple times a day.

Under appraised artifact from the Elder Gods Collection.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, when thrust by the tentacles of Cthulhu.

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