Anton Yelchin (reboot Chekov) killed in accident


This is a heartbreaking accident:


@daneel reported the AP breaking news this morning (well, PDT morning) under dead celebrity.

I since read a more complete story, and it is indeed heartbreaking.


Ah! I missed that! sorry, @daneel!

Kid was quite young, too. Only 27.


Damn, that sucks.

RIP, and I’m watching the remake of Fright Night tonight.

(He was good in that, so don’t judge me, dammit.)


Urgh, horrible way to die. :frowning:


I hadn’t seen much of Yelchin, but I was just reminded that dwarf actor Jack Purvis - best known for roles in the original Star Wars trilogy as well as the films of Terry Gilliam - had a similar parking accident which broke his neck. It didn’t kill him right away, but the injury and paralysis were probably factors in his relatively early death.

Purvis as Wally in Time Bandits:


Looks like this Jeep design can literally kill


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