Any citizen detectives out there?

Hi all–

I’m hoping the BBS hive mind can help me out with some research. I am interested in speaking with citizen detectives who are involved in researching unsolved criminal cases on their own time. It’s for a docu-series I’m working on.

If you or someone you know likes to work on solving mysteries and crimes or is involved in that online community, I’d love to connect!

My email is or you can call me at 213-840-2602.



The Reddit /r/RBI community specializes in citizen sleuthing. Might be a good source of research or inspiration. (Look for the “resolved” flair for solved cases.)

Some really fascinating stuff there - from locating missing persons, to investigating hit and runs, to investigating disturbing videos in the internet, to locating information on obscure bands, to reuniting lost items with their owners


@AndreaJames, have you thought about checking with Michelle McNamara’s internet friends group that was centered on the show Cold Case Files?

Your project sounds very intriguing; I love that kind of stuff!


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