Anyone can learn how to code with the help of this programming training

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“And how’s this for a bonus: The package even comes with a free download of Python 3.”

Since you asked, its really not that a great bonus.


Python is open source - it’s always free, to everyone. Download it here, right now -

Just more BoingBoing store BS. Don’t count on this bundle of stuff to be up-to-date or particularly useful.

And, of course, not just anyone can learn how to code. It takes a particular set of mental talents to be able to learn how to code well, and those can’t be taught. Good luck to everyone starting out!


Wow a FREE download of Python 3? Where do I sign??


Why not curate a store of wonderful things instead of this constant stream of shit? Someone who is enlightened enough to enjoy Boing Boing’s articles is almost certainly enlightened enough to NOT enjoy the shit in the store.


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