Anyone can speed read. Learn how now and save precious time


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Unfortunately TL;DR.


you’ll be breezing through novels and documents alike more than 3 times faster - with no loss in comprehension.

It’s comprehension that’s the problem. I learned this years ago - it’s called skimming.



And if you are really in a terrible hurry, you can speed read the Cliff’s notes of a novel rather than tackling the actual novel. The ideal approach for high powered executive types!

(cannot find a video clip or screencap of the relevant scene in Miracle Mile where Crosby’s character takes out the Cliffs notes of Gravity’s Rainbow and starts speed reading through it, trust me it’s there)


Read smarter, not faster.



Yeah, when I have to go back and read the same paragraph three times over, that’s a comprehension problem.


Sometimes it’s a sign of exhaustion or intoxication.


Totally. The older I get, the more I notice that material just doesn’t sink in when I’m tired. Caffeine only goes so far.

My reading comprehension has also suffered from the pervasive “read this as fast as I can so I can rush to the next article, or text, or email, or whatever” smartphone world we live in. I really think Beschizza might be on to something with the dumbphone thing. If only the smart ones weren’t so undeniably useful…


This snake oil has been around since I was in high school (when the biggest challenge to reading was hefting the stone tablets).


Boing Boing July 4, 2018…
Slow Reading Is Better Than Speed Reading.


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thank you, very useful information


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Speed reading techniques can really damage your usual normal reading ability, and your comprehension and enjoyment suffer. Some people have taken years to recover their normal abilities.

The more you read with normal reading, the faster you will go anyway.


Evelyn Wood is now spinning very quickly in her grave.


My reading isn’t slow, it’s artisanal.