Cut the email spam with a lifetime subscription to Throttle Pro

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Come on guys …
Lifetime? Really?
If I buy this for my daughter, can you really guarantee that this service is going to be working in like, 50 years? Thought so.
What does “Lifetime subscription” really mean? It used to mean “Until the customer dies of old age”.

I understand that you need to make some money to support and that you decided to rent out the so-called BoingBoing Store to the highest bidder with some sketchy offerings, but this one might be too much. Especially with 80% discount.

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No, it’s for the lifetime of the company, which, for $300, is about a week.


…or, use GMail

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More then ten years back I created eight different Gmail accounts; each with a different group of uses, with the idea that if one account started getting too much spam I’d be able to minimize the work needed to change accounts. It’s served me well, and frequently been handy to have multiple e-addresses. Every account was free, and strangely enough I’ve never had to change a single one. Most months I don’t get a single spam at all.

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