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Hundreds per year to host?

Author might want to dig around for a better host, you can get VM’s for under $10 a month which will have plenty of horsepower to handle personal email. Unless you’re dealing with thousands of messages a week I guess.

Only thing I miss from gmail is the spam filtering. Spamassassin + greylist do a pretty good job and eliminate about 95% of the junk, but google is good enough to get rid of 100% of it.

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That has been on my To Do List for quite a while now… Any recommendations?

I signed up with digital ocean a few months back… no complaints so far.

The landscape is constantly changing though, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s already a better deal out there. is a decent aggregate for current deals.

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And we don’t know how much of the email from othwr domains actually comes from Gmail. Some people has several different accounts (office, side project, secondary account) centralized on Gmail

Yet another sign that it’s time to break up Google. They’ve obviously got too much monopolistic and oligopoly power as to be healthy for society.

How about searching? The only reason I still use Gmail is because it’s the only thing I’ve used that can quickly and reliably locate the exact email I’m looking for out of 1+ million emails I’ve archived.

I’ve got several servers on Digital Ocean as well and have been happy with them.

People seem to be missing the point of the article - it doesn’t make much difference if you’re not on Gmail if everyone else is.

When you send an email to someone, you lose control over it. Nobody should be surprised by that – it’s how email works.

There is an easy, though incomplete, solution to this – Blacklist in your email client so no email gets sent to such users.

That wouldn’t entirely eliminate the problem, but it would reduce the amount of someone’s email stored by Gmail.

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