Anyway, here’s Wonder Woman’s theme with a heavy metal cello twist

Pretty fair. I like to listen, mostly. I put them on in the background at the office (and of course quickly change tabs). And don’t have the motivation to listen at home, let alone watch.

Arch Enemy, really? She’s got a lot of makeup, sure, but she doesn’t dress too porny. And damn if she’s not a great talent–she took over the band from a male singer. Although they have a similar set of pipes, Butcher Babies is the band you want to gripe about and then yell at the kids to get off your lawn.

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I picked that particular video because of the pornstar makeup and the weirdly sensual behavior. IMHO I don’t think it matches a song named “War Eternal”. I get that it’s not Butcher Babies, yeah. And sure, maybe I’m offbase but I found it offputting the first time I saw it. But compare it to, say,

I hate to admit that I never really gave Butcher Babies a shot because of the sexy sexy sex aspect of them.

Tell me that’s not 95% about male gaze. With a straight face.

Anyway, I’m sure people will argue with me more. Don’t care.


For me, it doesn’t bug me. The artists you are calling out made the choice to put their bodies on display to further their career, as is their right. They possess agency and I am fine with that; it doesn’t come off as exploitative. I don’t generally get into music for the videos anyways.

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Fan Service around ComiCon time helps cut down on indulgence impedance and makes sure everyone’s taking care of their lover. Unless you’re a genius at branding and packaging 55lb. barrels of lube “considerate compost” “thicket mucker” etc. this looks like a good choice.

Hee hee…it sort of says ‘screw it, nobody at any venue I’ve done has syned video worth a free asparagus appetizer, just juice what I put down, ice it with B-roll, and brand it with the palette we worked up.’

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Thank you for making this point. Sure they’re deliberately being provocative, but no one is forcing them to do it, so more power to them.

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Yeah, that’s the other part of Butcher Babies that’s different. It’s in-your-face sex for the sake of it, not something that’s just expected by society.

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