AOL "You've Got Mail" guy is now an Uber driver

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You’ve got a ride!
I did enjoy his voice but the first person I knew with a Mac had this as its startup sound, which I still think is the best ever.


Perhaps billions of people have associated his voice with thousands of dopamine hits. There’s got to be a way he could have monetized this… start a cult? hypnosis tapes? infomercials?


Golly, he should be in a museum.


No there isn’t, because “He was paid $200 for the voice over.” It’s always sad when famous artists like this get screwed out of the royalties they deserve, but there you go. I’ll bet McCartney is working for Uber too.

He should be in a museum! I mean this literally. There are half a dozen good computer museums in this country, at least two of which are drowning in Google money. This guy should be working the ticket line, possibly in a foam rubber suit that looks like the AOL “running man” figure.

And I’m not saying this as some sort of charity act. I don’t care if he’s happy with his life now. This needs to happen regardless.


Are you kidding? He’s been trying to live that AOL shit down for years! $200 don’t mean squat, but try to make a buck and some smart-ass gotta remind the whole world all over again. Damn…

I’m still using the GOTMAIL.WAV sound file with Thunderbird. I’m pretty sure I got it off an AOL floppy.


I second this motion. The yellow running guy is an icon of computing and represents a transition from BBS to Web which AOL successfully managed as a company.

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“You’ve got fail.”

I know. I’m not proud of me either. :unamused:

Wow. I guess.

I figured you’d suggest he be a docent or something, but not this.


“I’ll bet McCartney is working for Uber too.”

He was for a while but a couple of years ago he split off from Uber and formed his own taxi service called Wheels. It’s pretty derivative and everyone who has had any exposure to it agrees that now he’s just trading on his status as a former Uber driver…


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