The man behind AOL's "You've got mail!" voice of the 1990s

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Is there any piece of pop culture that The Simpsons has not co-opted?

p.s. Love The Simpsons!

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If you ever logged on to America Online in the 1990s, you enjoyed the dopamine rush of Edwards cheerfully informing you that “You’ve got mail!”

If you ever logged on to America Online in the 1990s, you heard Edwards cheerfully informing you that “You’ve got mail!”



Why oh why did they put his giant crotch right in the center of the frame!?


At least his hands are mostly covering the giant crotch. But, yes, bad framing nonetheless.

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My boss still has an AOL email account, no shit.


I remember changing my work inbox to an old Letterman WAV at work. Needless to say, I didn’t get to keep it for very long. :blush:


Yes, it always used to make me jump, too. At one point they had celebrities instead and I had Hugh Grant telling me I looked lovely today…


My boyfriend still has his, but he’s mostly moved to gmail these days.

To be fair, I still have my POP3 account from my Chicago ISP. I’ve had that account for at least 16 years that I can recall, and I’ll keep it until the ISP closes. This is at least partially because the SysOp/Owner was one of the three arrested in Operation Sundevil back in 1990, and I remain impressed with his “protect the users” stance throughout the whole ordeal.


Not always. There were times when I logged in and didn’t have any new mail.

How depressing is that?

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AOL never appealed to me. CompuServe FTW!

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We had Joanna Lumley in the UK

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I wouldn’t have believed ya if i hadn’t had one at my last place of work. But then we still used a fax machine in 2016 so y’know…

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