AOL really is killing off TUAW and Joystiq


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…and they still employ Shingy.


AOL, they’re like King Midas, but instead of gold everything they touch turns to sh*t.

I haven’t paid much of any attention to AOL in about 20 years, what do they have that keeps them in business still? I can only imagine their greatest source of income are elderly people that forgot they had ever subscribed to AOL in the 90’s and are still getting billed $20 a month for dial up access they haven’t used in the last 15 years. I made the mistake of trying their service for the free 200 hours offer when I was in collage in the mid 90’s and broke as hell. I tried cancelling in the first month and spent the next 9 months fighting them as no matter what I did I kept getting a bill each month after they told me they had closed my account. Their account closing policies and ineptitude makes Comcast look almost competent by comparison.

Fuck. I’m reading TUAW for 5+ years. Sad…


they are killing two things i read and check daily, and have for years. i thought i used to hate AOL to the depths of my being. i was wrong – NOW i do.

I’m gonna be sad when they buy Boing Boing, but I suppose the staff will be compensated.


Please dismantle that calcified dinosaur!

PS. Last one out, turn off the lights…

It appears that you’d be correct:

But as always, the most amazing thing about AOL’s business is the thing that drives AOL’s business: Millions of people, who started paying the company a monthly fee for Internet access more than a decade ago, who continue to pay the company a monthly fee for Internet access, even though they likely aren’t getting Internet access from AOL anymore.
(ReCode via WaPo)

I read Joystiq and have been frequenting the site for about 5 years as well and this really pisses me off. It’s one of the best gaming sites out there and I really love the writers sense of humor in their articles. I also really admired their stance on not rating games. I might need to start frequenting Engadget, as i know it’s a great site but man… this really sucks.

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i used to read Engadget, but they started really turning me off. it got so clique-ish and snarky… i just couldn’t take it.


Pretty much everything AOL touches dies.

Except, oddly, AOL.


Me too. It’s in my favorites auto tab load folder. Now I’ll have a big empty spot to fill :frowning: AOL’s tyranny has spread to three decades now.

Still awaiting the promised return of WinAMP… sigh


Under the Joystiq banner is the sub-site WoW Insider (among others). World of Warcraft was one of the most casual-friendly MMOs when it launched, but still rooted in gamer culture, and all the bad things associated with it (sexism, racism, homophobia, etc.). WoW Insider was the first fan site and community I found that did its best to be inclusive and helpful, and a great example of a blog that placed a higher value on high-quality writing content than pageviews or infodumps. It’s through them that helped encourage me to socialize within the game, and find many dear and beloved friends. I’m very sad to see them go.

I’ll miss the pirate babies most of all, I think.

HuffPo seems to be a vibrant and growing operation.

Try then.

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King Midas doesn’t turn himself to gold.

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TUAW has been a ghost town for years now. Click bait headlines, posts about really inconsequential stuff, and rehashes of stuff that is covered better on other sites. FWIW, Daring Fireball offers much better Apple coverage, and reads much easier, too.