AOL profits still totally dependent on zombie dial-up subscribers


I’m paying $X a month for dial-up I’ve never used in 10 years. (Not at AOL though). It’s not a oversight, it’s simply the cheapest way to keep a bunch of old email addresses functional. To some people, that’s worth it. To others, it’s probably WTF?! :smile:


This story reminds me of reading about people who were found to still paying the phone company for phone rental.

For the young kids, you used to be able to lease or rent a phone vs buying one.

I still pay $10 bucks a month for my Earthlink email account that I’ve had for 20 years.

To clarify, you used to have to lease your phone. There was NO buying it. Ever. Also, it was hard-wired into the wall.


And they were built like tanks and lasted forever.

And if someone broke into your house, you didn’t need a gun. You could just beat him to death with the receiver (unless he outfoxed you by moving more than 36" away from the wall).


My father still uses an AOL email address. I suspect he is still paying a monthly fee. I have set him and his wife up with Gmail accounts, which for some reason they refuse to use, but I dare not ask questions further, as setting them up a wireless router 8 years ago nearly caused World War III.

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