App automatically responds "yes" to boring installation dialogs


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I’m actually listening to Yes right now.


This is actually a really important program and we use it all the time for automated installs.


“Format C: (Yes/No)?”

No way this could go wrong, no, never…


fortuantly for you it doesn’t work in windows


But that is exactly how we install spyware with every legit install we try. No thanks.


You aren’t even close to thinking big enough…

yes yes | terraform destroy


I know that there’s a joke about Manufacturing Consent here; I’m just having a little trouble optimizing it.


First I thought you’d get caught in those final questions “Can we install this totally unrelated browser extension along with your program?” but then I saw it’s not for Windows so I assume those kind of things don’t pop up?



I dunno about that, but this new automation is going to put a lot of Yes Men out of business.


I have half a gig free on my hard drive. Would you recommend this application to me?


They should call this new version hell-yes.


The man page for BSD style unices is most helpful:

     yes -- be repetitively affirmative

     yes [expletive]

     yes outputs expletive, or, by default, ``y'', forever.

     The yes command appeared in 4.0BSD.

4th Berkeley Distribution        June 6, 1993        4th Berkeley Distribution


Kind of interesting how the seemingly simplest of programs can end up being pretty damn complicated.


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