Install Discourse: for the kittens

Surely you are familiar with Discourse, the gloriously 100% open-source forum software that you are using right now to read this very post?


We are now in a reasonably good and stable place with Discourse after nearly a year in beta here on BBS – and I wondered if any BBS regulars wanted to try our NEW ALL SINGING ALL DANCING EASY SQUEEZY LEMON PEASY GA-RON-TEED UNDER 30 MINUTES OR YOUR DAMN MONEY BACK … install:

It even includes a $10 Digital Ocean credit code so your first month is freeeee!

Do it. Do it now. Or this kitten gets it.

Did I save the kitteh?

As for general feedback: the ‘Log In and Become Admin’ section should probably be titled ‘Create Admin user with Developer Email’ (unless I did something wrong). From the way this section was phrased I thought it would auto-create the admin user so I wasted some time trying to do password resets.

Looking at the steps there’s potential there to do an interactive install script (with sane defaults) as you mostly just need to setup options in the app.yml config file and set swap size.

Protip: add your ssh keys to Digital Ocean before creating your droplet!

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Yeah I’m going to look at that today, this has come up a few times…

OK a couple copyedits here in the app and the docs. Is this better @gwwar?

Yup! That’s much clearer.

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