BB BBS Software release?

Is the BoingBoing BBS software available for download or self-hosting (paid or OSS?)

I loathe the phpBB/vBulletin forum system + it’s derivatives, and was looking for a discussion forum for a commercial business.

Assuming this would be in the FAQ, I checked there, but the FAQ seems to be more of a ‘guidelines’ than answers to questions :slight_smile:



Thanks for the link. If that’s linked to anywhere here on the BBS, I completely missed it.


eh, don’t feel bad. I’m not sure it’s posted anywhere prominently, either. Those of us who know it, we know because we were here when it was switched over from the absolutely terrible Disqus and we were introduced to the devs and asked a million questions.

It is pretty great. And our community were beta testers that helped make it even better, so ya, we like it.


That’s funny, I vastly prefer phpBB over these “contemporary” scrolling expanses of dead space, but I grudgingly put up with them.

Ideally, I’d favor good ol’ nntp. :slight_smile:

Discourse (in my own subjective opinion) seems to be the least terrible of all the web discussion forums I’ve seen.

I’ll see if my opinion changes after running an instance for a bit :slight_smile:


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