Cannot access BBS from home machine, no problem from phone


BBS has suddenly become inaccessible from my home machine. It’s the only website for which this is the case. refused to connect

@codinghorror @sam ? Any ideas?

Https BBS not working again

It’s been pretty spotty for me this evening, too.


The secure url is down at the moment. Try plain old http,instead of https.

I reported this to discourse’s twitter an hour or so ago when I noticed.


My browser (Chrome) just slaps the s back on there and says, “Nope!”


Same in FF for desktop. But on the phone Firefox actually obeys me.

Got a workaround for desktop @enso?


I had to disable the HTTPS Everywhere extension for the site, and it worked.

Well there you have it. I will simply wait for the PTB to address the issue. Thanks @LDoBe!


Working helldesk has its few advantages.



Chrome on Mac for what it matters since it seems to be the HTTPS link that’s causing the issue. I did an absurd amount of troubleshooting before y’all posted this but didn’t realize my phone browser had defaulted to HTTP. :laughing:


Hmm yes looks like a minor snafu with https based on some internal config changes here on our end, will get it sorted asap.


Thanks man!


All riiiiiiight . . . fixed!