Not seeing hearts, or any other BBS icon


So, what setting have I screwed up on my browser?


Sorry to bug you, any ideas @codinghorror ? or @beschizza?


What browser/version are you using?

Can you bring up the page-source, and see what’s showing up where the icons should be?


Oh, here’s your problem:


You have installed HTTPS Everywhere, which blocks the font icon we use.


AHAH! Nailed it. Ok, thanks!


Is there a blocking rule in HTTPS Everywhere that I can disable to get them back? As is I have to disable it every time I want to comment which is a little annoying. Thanks.


Not sure – I would report it as a bug to them


I whitelisted


@beschizza we got to move you to HTTPS, it’s so anti-bbs that this is not hosted on HTTPS


What do we need to do? Sorry, I’m clueless!


Get working and stop using HTTP

you are on business + SSL plan I think so we can take care of doing all the certificate shenanigans


Yes the billing is all set up, I was just waiting for a quiet moment for us to finalize the config on our end. So the ball is in our court @sam



That GIF just raised a thornado of emotions in me


Odin’t see that coming.



We do plan to turn HTTPS on here (on BBS only, I cannot speak for BB proper) very soon. Perhaps next week?


HTTPS is on BB proper!


Yes let’s get the HTTPS going! I’ll PM you with details and @eviltrout can follow up tomorrow.