Is the BBS browser favicon supposed to be something? Because it isn't

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I think it’s supposed to be bbs, but because it’s chrome and small, it looks funny in the tabby thingie-jig?

Yes, it’s hard to read. I kept opening tabs for bbs, because that nice red favicon was missing, so I figured I hadn’t opened a tab for it yet.


I think you’re right about that… the red was more visible…


It is the bbs image you see at the upper left currently ↑

I did not think it was correct for bb proper and bbs to have the same browser icon.

Makes sense, but you may want something a bit more contrasted and legible.

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This is BB proper! That other site is a pale imitation.


Well whatever is there now is just an illegible blur.

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you’re absolutely correct. I was bugging Rob about this for a while when Discourse was new. He agreed and said he was working on it. He was lying. Now you’ve changed it, lo these many years later, and thank you! But it’s not really working without the black background, too. couldja?

If avatars of individuals are often the same across web presences, what’s your logic for why this should be different?


I think its more than just a background issue, it’s squished.

Are there any talented designers around these parts that could do a favicon up ?

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Switched to a black theme…

A bit more legible, but as @sam pointed out, it is squashed.

Yes let’s have someone from the community whip up a good favicon! Make it in Apple touch size, square 144 x 144 as I recall.

edit: until then, I went ahead and put in:

  • a large black square bbs as apple-touch (around 256x256, it didn’t fit in 144, and I wanted to pixel double so @beschizza’s glorious art would not be distorted)

  • a smaller black square for favicon with just the “b” in 64x64


Why black? It should be #333333 like the header bar of the forum

So it should be… even less black? None less black?


Also no way to leave comments!

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