BBS super flakey today

It only shows up ~1/5 times I try to load it – both article discussions and the main forum.

OS X 10.9.3, latest Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Here’s my console when it doesn’t show up:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)…0884b13143a063e2e71699adebb7.js?v=1&

Uncaught ReferenceError: I18n is not defined application-c15a3a746bfb4f658c45a2920befa979.js:1

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'mapRoutes' of undefined (index):268

Okay… so it’s not just me then.

I think they’re working on the live site today. I’ve had it flaking out randomly too.

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Aye, been doing it for a couple of days for me too.

@GilbertWham samsies. today is the worst of them, though.

Sorry, we’re having issues with our CDN provider. We’ve disabled it until we migrate to a better provider.

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We are now up on the new better CDN so hopefully future incidents like this should be extremely rare.

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This change has resulted in the following error, and subsequent failure to load anything on the BBS that requires CDN content (everything), under Chrome 37.0.2062.0:

Redirect at origin '' has been blocked from loading by Cross-Origin Resource Sharing policy: Received an invalid response. Origin '' is therefore not allowed access. 

Chrome 35 is the current released browser. We don’t support beta browsers. Are you seeing an issue in the current release version of Chrome?

Apparently it does work on v35

FWIW not that we support it I just tested on canary and its working (this is typed from canary and its superior font handling).

I suspect this was a temporary issue, and that a cache flush will fix it.

Thanks for checking Sam, on Linux I’m not having any joy, but Linux versions may not be in sync with their Win counterparts. Google in their wisdom make it somewhere between difficult and impossible to install multiple versions in parallel, so I’m stuck with the unstable stream for my dev environment :-/

I’m seeing the cross-origin resource sharing policy issue as well, and I’m on Chrome 35.0.1916.153 (Windows 7 x64, though I’m not sure if Chrome has x64 specific versions).

Edit: and yes, I cleared my cache, did the old “hold down the page refresh button and choose empty cache and hard reload” option, none of those things fixed it. Here’s what I get when I do the empty cache and hard reload:

I hesitate to report in this issue without copious expertise on browsers, etc. but… I notice that bbs doesn’t load if I have HTTPS Everywhere 2014.6.26 enabled, and does load if I disable it. This is on Chrome Version 35.0.1916.153 m

On Firefox 28.0 with HTTPS Everywhere 3.5.3 on I cannot see BBS, but with it disabled I can.

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Oooh, well spotted! Yup, disabling HTTPS everywhere fixes the problem for me too.

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You may not officially support beta browsers, but I hope you aren’t saying that your official policy is to dismiss out-of-hand bug reports from beta browsers.

Obviously one of the main purposes of beta browsers is to allow sites like your to update ahead of time if the newer version is going to come with, e.g., stricter rules on cross-origin requests.

(It seems like the problem seems to stem from HTTPS Everywhere after all, but HTTPS Everywhere is exactly the kind of thing that Chrome may chose to enable by default in future versions. Chrome already handles xorigin more strictly than other browsers.)

There’s a combinatorial explosion of variables if we allow beta browsers for bug reports. We’re fairly strict about what browsers we can test on:

Yeah, maybe they could fix the outstanding bugs in their product? That’d be nice.

HTTPS Everywhere was the problem for me too. Maybe this could be posted as a BB entry, so others don’t have to go through the diagnostic process; this thread with the solution is not accessible when you have the problem!

BTW, if you edit the advanced rule in https everywhere so that redirects to (that is, remove the s) then you can keep using the extension without screwing up BB.

FYI I disabled CDN js debugging globally by default, we can live without it for now.

The whole concept of HTTPS everywhere seems a bit odd to me though. Seems like just a fancy way to have a proxy. The key privacy issue (that communication between browser and web site is private) is not addressed at all.

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