Images not showing


For awhile today the board was down and now that it’s up none of the images are showing.

Anyone else getting problems?


Examples? I have been reconfiguring CDN stuff (content distribution network)


All images ranging from the BBS Logo to emotes, to posted images arne’t showing.

Strangely avatars are.


pretty much all hosted images seemed hosed most of the day. I assumed it was my Ghostery, but I don’t enable it here, already.

things from cdn.discourse seemed to be just leaving empty frames.


ahhhhh I know what this is … hold tight will be fixed in 10 minutes.


How is it looking now?


Images look good, but the BoingBoing logo at the page header isn’t loading.


How is it now?


Order appears to be restored to the force, sam-sama.




HA … thats a bug you know … looking at the code now.

Its stripping my https there, which it should not…


30 minutes about, and my bad.

We have two Cisco 2960X switches on site in hot spare and live config.

Today, we connected them using the high-speed stacking modules, so we can have live redundant switches, rather than hot spare (which requires all the cables be manually moved if the primary switch fails).

The docs say you can do this stacking live with no interruptions… but when we did it, the primary switch crashed. :frowning:

I didn’t bring any computers with me to the datacenter so I had to round up someone there with a computer to get to the local console on the switch (connected via USB), so it took probably about 20 minutes longer than it should have to get the switch back online.

So lesson, when messing with the switches, always have a computer logged in to the local Cisco console.


How is it looking now?

We had some code that was stripping out HTTPS completely unnecessarily when the CDN was located on an HTTPS site


I’m still getting it a lot -maybe 1/2 the images- on the Slurrrrrrrp thread with firefox, they all display properly on chrome. I have no add-ons to chrome, many to ff, so probably something wonky on my end.


can you link me a few of the posts that appear broken to you (deleting cache would probably fix issue, but its just a workaround)






hmmm. https everywhere?

I’ll check.

Yeah, that fixed it for me.


So this is just more HTTPS everywhere plugin breakage.


sort of, 3 of those images are http:// and they should be https, all images and assets should be served from https


can you link me to the actual original post with the images?