Issue with some graphics not displayed


Is anyone else unable to see all the images in a thread? Reloading the page doesn’t help, and it seems like the same images will be affected every time I visit that thread. (Other images in the same thread will be displayed, and YouTube videos don’t seem to be affected at all.) Attempts to “View Image” on problem pics results in an error message. This is the one I got for the pic for rule 13 on the 13 Rules thread:

I was able to see that image a couple of days ago. :imp:

Edited to add: I have the same results across Chromium (modded), Dolphin and Chrome phone browsers, and the Silk (Chromium mod) browser on Kindle.


Same issue, same thread.


Been happening regularly to me across all threads for a week or so.


Happening to me too.


Same here, since a couple of days.

Sammy Galaxy tablet, Brave.

Haven’t checked on the PC yet.


I’ve seen it in Firefox on Linux as well.


Someone is stealing our memes!


Paging the @discourse folk!


Page received, an engineer is looking into this.


Hey Oren & @discourse

It’s not just that page:

Also it’s happening in private messages as well…


Maybe Joey did it to piss us off?


Yeah, uploading images is definitely not working.


Several cases of “The image could not be loaded” in this thread.

Obviously some commenters are getting too close to the truth for NASA’s comfort.


I’ve got a picture of the culprit right h… aww man.


@discourse @codinghorror Any updates on this?



We know what’s happening, but not the root cause yet. (There’s a background job that moves abandoned images out of the way, which is triggered false positives.) I’m cooking up a workaround to recover the missing files while we track down the why.


All of the broken images (modulo 2-3 that need special handling) have been put back, and I’ve disabled the cleanup job that was hiding things. Now we just need to :knife: the :bug:.

Are we rationing "Likes" a.k.a. "hearts" again?

Bump: Some user card images are still affected, mine included (assuming it’s related.) @tinoesroho has some followup here that might be relevant:


Hmm so some user card backgrounds were affected and not remapped? Cc: @schleifer


It looks like some got double plus extra remapped.

The robots in charge of that have been fired.

edit: for extra fun times it’s fine in the database, but the front end is doing something wrong