Cannot Load App


Strange. My laptop can’t access the BBS at all, I just see the message above. No problem on my phone, (except tininess.)

Is it just me? I think everything’s copacetic on my desktop at home.


I’m seeing this occasionally as well. I assumed it was caused by the proxy here throwing a fit.


How often is this happening?

@codinghorror, any idea if this is a current known issue or not? I use the Discourse app myself on my phone and haven’t seen the same behaviour.


Do you use Privacy Badger? Anecdotally: I had that same problem (intermittently, agh!) until I disabled PB for this site. I’m using FF with Privacy Badger, never had it on Safari, ipad, or the stock android browser.



I’m at my office now, and have no problem. Looks like the store I was in was blocking the BBS.


It happens to me on all the devices where I’ve blocked bbs. So, for example, my company laptop. :slight_smile:


Yea, I’m self-employed. Neener neener neener.


My Day Job™’s network blocks the Discourse shared hosting environment as well. Not sure why!


I had this issue a month or so back on both my cell phone and my Kindle. I suspect it was partly a glitch on the WiFi network I was accessing, and partly caching issues. Clearing caches on both machines did the trick.


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