BBS sometimes unresponsive in android browsers

For a week or so I’ve been experiencing an issue where the BBS becomes unresponsive until I switch away from the browser to another app and then switch back.

At first, I thought this was an issue with Firefox on Android, but I’ve been using Brave for several days and I continue to see the issue.

I don’t know for sure that this isn’t a problem with Android itself, but I wanted to report it in case others have been seeing the same issue.

I’m not seeing any similar behaviour in any other app or on any other site–it’s just the BBS. Also, I do run Ublock Origin in Firefox (sorry, but I see this as a safety issue first and foremost), but as I mentioned, I see the same issue in a completely new installation of Brave.




We (Boing Boing) Don’t actually maintain the BBS software (known as Discourse). We haven’t made any changes, but it’s possible that they have, as they are responsible for the upkeep of the BBS software itself.

I’d recommend asking on, as they may be able to consider your specific case:


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Are you still seeing this?

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Yes, but I’m positive it’s Android–it’s still a new thing, but I’ve run into it elsewhere for sure now.

It’s aggravating, but doesn’t seem connected to Discourse/the BBS.

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Not sure if this is related, except that I’m also using Firefox on an Android phone: when I go into edit mode (to add or edit a comment), I get a “double image” where the page overlaps with the edit window (and up into the heading). It doesn’t always do it; it’s not doing it right now. (I want to say I’ve also seen this in Firefox for Windows; I can’t remember for sure. Maybe because it’s not as troublesome on a larger screen e.g. with a laptop). But here’s an example:


One thing to try is reverting to the default theme for testing.

I’ve seen some “alternate” themes have trouble in Firefox for Android, which has hit a bit of a rough patch in development, it seems.


I didn’t realize/remember that was a thing… it was set to light mode (default?) But “enable dark mode” was turned on & I turned it off. (This is in the bbs settings, not firefox’s) I’ll see how that goes (now it’s not doing it)

ETA: Edit mode of existing post seems fine, too

ETA,A: Welp, no that didn’t take care of it. Comes and goes.


When on the /blog page clicking om the link to the bbs to open in a new screen sometimes tajes multiple seconds.

It seems to be like this since the annoying video overlay ads got added.
(The number of ads on the page is crazy nowadays).

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Ok I am in firefox on android (everything updated to latest but incredibly vanilla defaults) writing this reply. Is there anything I need to do to repro the issue? It looks normal so far?

I’m not sure… I’m running Noscript but I specifically allowed this site. It’s not doing it now & I’m not sure what specifically sets it off

Just FTR, I noticed unresponsive scrolling issues which @hotel seems to be having since Android 11 with Brave. Also, if I’m writing a post and have to change apps or tabs in between, the edit window part becomes unresponsive. Minimizing and maximizing the window part works just most of the times to restore functionality.

Another thing: long posts (i.e. everything @milliefink thankfully relays in the HCR topic) cause bullshit to happen with the reading position when a) returning to the topic from anywhere (another tab, another app, or even another topic withing the BBS) and b) with switching between landscapes and portrait mode. I find myself somewhere above the post I have been reading.

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