Hitting the button: touch screen, browser or discourse issue?

Since a couple of days (at least) I’ve got a nasty issue when replying to posts on my phone. I’m at a loss what causes this: at some point, when editing a post, I can’t properly navigate within the composition window, but the background starts scrolling. I also have trouble hitting the buttons below the composition window, so I sometimes can’t send a post.

Anyone else ever experienced this? Is my phone defective? Or is it the browser? Or even Discourse?

I’m using Brave on a phone running Android 8.1.
I wanted to try if this happens in Chrome and FF as well, but I can’t log in.

(Which is just another issue. I’m apparently to dumb for 2FA. When it was announced, I jumped on the bandwagon and now can copy a token from Authy. However, when I try to log in, using the data from my password manager, I get an error - ncorrect username, email or password - and no second factor is ever pops up. If I accidentally log out in this browser, you probably won’t hear from me again. )

Now, let’s see - currently, I can edit my post and scroll properly, so I assume I can hit Create Topic?

ETA: yep, works. I’m going back to another post and will try to edit there.


I have seen similar issues with my android tablet so I avoid the BBS mobile version most of the time.

Interesting. In different browsers?

I had the issue a moment ago on another thread, but I can’t properly reproduce. Highly annoying.

Sometimes I get this problem on Brave on Android, where I go to hit Reply and the browser thinks I’m touching a centimetre or so above it.

My phone knows where I’m touching though (I have show touch enabled in developer options), so my workaround is to kill the process and restart the browser; the site autosaves what I was about to post, so it’s cool.

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No, just the Chrome one that comes with Android. I find the mobile interface (which I assume is built for iPhones, not 7" android tablets) to be so irritating that I avoid using it.

Yes, I have seen this too.

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I run into the same problem, regularly. Also using Brave 1.0.052 on Android 8.1

It’s definitely a Discourse problem, as it replicates on other Discourse sites.


Definitely Discourse-specific.

You’ll want to hit up their meta instance for your bugreport:




Thanks, everyone. Good to know it is the combination of Brave and Discourse causing this.

It is a bug in android chrome, which might have been fixed today with the latest release.

It is because chrome dynamically hides the address bar but fails (sometimes…) to adjust the touch offset to reflect the change in height, you will notice the touch offset is exactly the height of the address bar when this happens. You may be able to work around by manually hiding or un-hiding the address bar (scroll up or down).


I’m not crazy! I’m not crazy!* (Chrome on Note5, man I hope this is fixed)

* correction, this particular issue is struck from the evidence list…


We checked and chrome 68 (the “break the web and show all http pages as insecure” version) seems to fix, so try to update.


I’ve had the same issue with Chrome on my Android phone as regards being able to hit the Reply button or insert the edit cursor. I can only resolve it by closing out the browser window, reloading the site and trying again. My guess it’s a problem with the responsive CSS being thrown off by the on-screen keyboard or address bar.


Thanks for that description and the announcement of the fix. Can’t test it, since see above: to stupid to use 2FA. Staying logged in in Brave, waiting for the fix to trickle down.

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Right now, on my tablet, if I touch the blue “reply” button, or anywhere within the dialogue box, the touch registers 1/2" higher than my finger.

If I touch anything below the reply button - such as the on screen keyboard - it’s fine, and if I touch the browser bar it’s fine. I can drag the cursor to the bottom of this dialogue box, even though by then my finger will be well on to the keyboard, but it is impossible to hit reply.

Going to reboot. Ok I didn’t reboot, shutting down all chrome instances was sufficient.


Chrome 67 which I suppose I should update. But I don’t think this behavior is anything new; I usually don’t post from the tablet because it’s always seemed to be buggy with this forum software.

Can’t stick around to provide more feedback, going offline for a couple of weeks. A lot of people need me to stab them, and they’re going to line up for the privilege :rofl:

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Android tablets are rarer than hen’s teeth… there basically aren’t any these days!

But yes, update to Chrome 68 ASAP as this was a bad bug.


Replying here rather than starting a whole new topic for something minor;
I’m unable to right click on any inter-site links and open a new tab or window.

@codinghorror, I’ve still go the problem in Chrome 68 on Android - but not consistently? FFS, I can’t find a way to reliably reproduce the issue. It just happens every now, and then it doesn’t again.


Android’s been the dominant tablet OS since 2012 according to this page, and this one, and this one, and this one.

But interestingly enough, statcounter disagrees; note their data is from web traffic sampling instead of unit sales. One theory to interpret this discrepancy is that Apple is the dominant tablet vendor to passive consumers of Internet, Amazon tablets are primarly being used as eReaders, and all those other Android tablets are being used by “makers” who are building them into their cars and/or changing their browser IDs or whatever. That’d be consistent with my real-world observations.

In any case Apple is the single most dominant vendor. The market share of iPads is quite impressive when you consider how many android vendors there are, and that Amazon’s FireOS is a flavor of android. Amazon’s practically giving Kindles away, while Apple is selling at a premium, yet iPads have around 40% of the market. That, to me, indicates both a good product and some truly impressive marketing.


Tablets are declining in general, so it is more of a broad global trend. Phablets ate their share of the market big time. For example

It does not help that Android hardware, courtesy Qualcomm, is third rate at best. Particularly painful on tablets where the watt budget is much higher and batteries far larger — instead of using that extra headroom to let your hardware stretch its legs and punch the turbo button as Apple does… all you get on Android is a resounding “meh”.