Hitting the button: touch screen, browser or discourse issue?


I saw $650 in the clip and didn’t bother clicking through. Way, way out of my price range!


Especially insane given a current cheap basic iPad for $329 which is based on iPhone 7 guts at the moment would literally be twice as fast.


$329 is also out of my price range!

It’s only $70 for a Moto E4, or $50 for a 7" Kindle Fire, either of which is able to support full motion video, SSH, web browsing, and e-reading… I’m not doing quantum computing simulations or DNA analysis on a handheld device.

This 7" tablet I’m using right now cost $210 in 2013 and it has a 1920x1280 screen. Paying more than $100 for a tablet or big smartphone doesn’t make any sense to me; there’s no return on investment.


Same problem as @LutherBlisset.
Not reproducable, just happens randomly.
Usually goes away after refresh, but sometimes doesn’t.
Only on discourse sites.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A (SM-T555)
Android 7.1.1 / Build NMF26X
Brave 1.0.54 / Chromium 68.0.3440.91


I suggest buying used in that case. Much lower prices.


Very true, there’s a surprisingly good market (for buyers at least) in second hand tablets and tablet parts… And you can find smartphones dumpster diving.

Now I’ve really driven us off topic, sorry!


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