New topic page rendering deploying today!


Dear mutants,

We’re deploying a version of Discourse here that has a competely rewritten and much faster topic page. The difference is about 5x in most cases, but is probably most noticeable on Android devices cough

We tested this extensively, but please do let us know if you see anything quirky, broken, or weird.


On videos continuing to play as you scroll down in a topic

If only someone had a proper timepiece


Does this have anything to do with mobile in-reply-to links going to profiles, instead of the replied-to post?


Yes that would be a bug cc @eviltrout


Eviltrout!? I have found my nemesis!


But in seriousness, nexus 5p, haven’t found any issues yet. And I absolutely see less of the spiny thingy. I hope eviltrout is breem’ing with pride on this release.


Hey, @eviltrout this is broke.

But, it does all seem to load a lot faster, so there is that. Keep up the great work!


Oh dear World Wide Web gods, hear my prayer, of all possible Turing machines to enshrine inside the standards of your Web, why oh why oh why Javascript?!


Good catch.

Is the result.


Oh, and line spacing on the error title… :smiley:


Hmm showing top all time there under popular on the 404 page is really not great. Gonna see if @techapj can switch that to top last month so it is less stale.



I am your humble QA fishy fish.


Wait wait wait you can really catch a fish with just your thumb?


:bug:s …

What Bugs?!

:arrow_double_up: fixed :slight_smile:

Was kind of subtle, clicking on arrow would take you up and profile to profile… click target is so tiny no point having two links there, so … fixed :slight_smile:

Please keep bug reports coming, this is helping my aging brain come to terms with the new system :wink:


Is this related in any way to the BBS working poorly or not at all with desktop Safari?


Define poorly? What is going on?


Lately it’s been tossing up https errors and json errors. On mobile now away from home so can’t be more specific. I’ll post screenshots when I get home tonight


Sure, screenshots and exact versions would be helpful, likely very unrelated to this change cause it just shipped 2 hours ago here :slight_smile:


I give you one
:cat: Not Creepy Internet Hug :cat:


Seems to have got a @sam on the line this time. But not trout, evil or otherwise.

I’ll see myself out.