New topic page rendering deploying today!


The beauty of having a cross timezone team is that bugs can be fixed almost 24 hours a day … 6 days a week, during someone’s work day, even with a team of 7. :blush:

Though I did deprive you of a Canadian apology, and for that I apologize.


Okay, done via


Here is what the errors looks like


Safari 9.0.3 (9537.86.4.4) with ClickToPlugin 3.2 and AdBlock 2.49


Ok we think most of the stuff above is fixed now, today. @eviltrout should have rolled out a new version here just now. Please continue to report weirdnesses!*

* related to the software, not the people here.


Can you try without plugins to see if its an incompatibility with one of the plugins?




Tried that as well and same results.


How often do you see these errors? Does this happen in 2 physical locations or just in office / home? Are you behind some sort of firewall?


Just at home. I dont access this site from my work computer. At home there is no HTTP/S filtering between me and the internet.

Happens pretty much constantly for almost a week now.


Can you try again, I “think” we just fixed the issue and it was related to spoilers.


I’m having problems with the navigation box now:

If I’m in the middle of the thread, hitting “bottom” doesn’t do anything. If I hit “top”, it goes to the top, then if I hit “bottom”, it works properly.

(Safari on iPad)


Yeah … second click on “top” results in weird… @eviltrout will be looking at it tomorrow.


Tried again and same result. I’ll restart the browser and see if that “fixes it”. I hesitate to do that first since I have far too many tabs open and a relatively crappy internet connection.


Fixed here:

Will go out the next time BBS is deployed.

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