Posting issue

Nexus 5, android 5.0. About half the time when I post a reply I get an error message that I couldn’t post after ~20 seconds of processing, but I see the post show up correctly. I then cancel out of the editor and everything looks correct. Am I the only one?


I get it. I think @Donald_Petersen has mentioned it somewhere too.

Does it say summat about a ‘bad gateway’…? If so, that’s what I was seeing earlier, but not for the last few times I’ve posted. Though having said that…

iOS here.

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Yes. Saw it this morning.

Ive had this issue, posting through firefox browser, generally, not on a phone or tablet device. It hasn’t happened in the past couple of days, but it has been an issue in the past couple of weeks. I want to say maybe @jerwin mentioned similar problems rather recently?

Yeah, that’s weird. I wonder if the mobile version is suffering a delayed version of what the desktop browsers were going through a week or two ago. I had it happen in Chrome on Win8, and it stopped for a day or two, recurred for an afternoon, then seems to have gone away for good several days ago. I can’t speak to the mobile version. Though I occasionally read BBS on my phone, I never post with it, largely because my posts are generally too long to comfortably type with a texting thumb, but mostly because I haven’t been able to remember my password in ages and ages. :wink:

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Sorry about this (again) we are looking into it. In the meantime we redeployed latest code.


I was going to post a “me too” (Mac desktop, Firefox) but I see codinghorror is already on the case!

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say that to me too occasionally… OSX Firefox and iOS Safari too I think.

Me three again. But yeah, hopefully, it can be fixed soon.

Yep, it’s back on the desktop version. Just an FYI, guys. A minor annoyance, but one you wanna fix.

Has been happening with me nearly every time I post, for about two weeks. Running Firefox 34.0 for Linux.

Has been very intermittent for me.

Just a quick note that I am digging through this issue, let me know here if you are noticing any misbehaving


I’m getting it again now.

Fortunately, right now I can report:


Here she goes again, on latest Chrome/Win8:

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Sorry, I know it sounds like a cheese shop sketch, but the issues 5 hours ago were related to an avalanche of load we got after launching

We sorted out the issues a few hours ago, so let me know if it persists.


“But I like it runny”.

“Oh, the cat’s eaten it”.

“Has he”.

“She sir”


Testing on chrome

Edit: this worked fine on latest chome on 4.4.2