Errors, post obliteration

Over the past day or two, the forum has been loading slowly for me, and stops loading some topics part way. Spontaneously (or so it appears on my end) a box will appear saying “Sorry, an error has occurred” as I am reading BBS threads…

Last night I wrote an involved post in this topic:

It was post 81, if I am not mistaken. The post appeared on the page, as normal. So I started reading the new replies, and then the reply area reappeared with my post text in it. I thought it was going to duplicate my post, so I clicked on the cancel button. Doing this erased the reply box, but also the published post in the topic! Aiiieee! I was unable to get the post to reload. I also tried exporting the archive of all of my posts to see if it was there, but it is not in the archive either. Of course it had to be the post that I spent an hour writing!

I just thought that you should know. Hopefully the info might be useful for troubleshooting.


I see nothing there. Post 81 is by someone else. There is no incredible philippic there deleted by author for me to force back onto the site.


Thanks for checking! I guessed as much.

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Sorry. Not sure what happened but I’m sure @codinghorror can puzzle it out. Dunno if the post will ever come back tho.

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It’s been acting up for me too - same thread and others. I get error messages, slow loading, and difficulty logging on.


Same here; slow loading, mostly.


Not a problem, my re-writes are nearly always better.





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Me, too, slow loading. Also, some weird auto play just popped up two, three times.


She should be punishing her for leaving the chair knocked over.

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Also, posted something under “Fuck Today” and it didn’t stick. Tried to like someone’s post and it would let me (no message about out of likes, which it couldn’t be because I have been rationing them). Once I exited out and then opened up page, I was able to give like.

Sorry we were dealing with some DDoS attacks that would seriously congest traffic.

We do save post drafts on the server periodically as you type, assuming the browser is able to successfully send data to the server. Definitely don’t press the cancel button until you see your post arrive in the topic, though!


Is 666 Squad Leader part of the Lizard Squad?


That’s what floored me, my post did appear in the topic - that’s why I thought it was safe to hit cancel. But doing so both caused the reply form to close, and my post in the topic was deleted also! Definitely weird behavior

Just FYI, I’ve been getting trouble loading and uploading at times, on and off this evening.

I wonder if it’s any relation to our ongoing troll infestation?


The exact same thing happened to me and when I returned to the topic about 30 minutes later, my response disappeared and the dialogue box popped up asking if I wanted to abandon my post.

Could be, those kind of script kiddies are the sorts to troll, then attack after they’ve been banned. FWIW, every time the bbs acting up I refresh 5000 times a second from an array of bots to see if I can get the site to speed up, though it hasn’t helped so far.


Did you figure out what the hulu pop up was on the red cross thread? FYI, loading is back to normal.

That’s from @japhroaig’s post. I PM’d him about it but it was during the DDoS nonsense. He might not have read it yet.