Replies to postings are repeating


I hope I’m emailing the right person!

For the last two days, I’ve seeing an odd occurrence of repeated replies to postings, after a short delay (~1 sec) after clicking “Replies.” I managed to snag a screenshot before and after:

After a moment it changed to this:

This has happened on both my iPad (Safari) and my PC (running Windows 8.1 and Firefox w/ the add-ons listed below).

Any thoughts?


Interesting, that’s a new one for me.

@codinghorror - this a known issue?


Can you repro this consistently? What are the repro steps?

Does it happen in Firefox Safe Mode too (or Chrome)?

I’ll give it a try.

This happens in both Chrome and Firefox Safe Mode.

In Firefox Safe Mode, I clicked on the story about the TSA abusing the paralyzed teen. The first or second message has six replies. I clicked on Reply, and got all six different replies. Then I closed them. I scrolled down a bit, and found a posting with three replies. I clicked that. It showed three different replies at first, then I scrolled down and up, and then it showed the three same replies.

Sometimes in all three browsers (Safari, Chrome, and Firefox), usually after viewing the Replies in one posting, aftewards clicking the Reply doesn’t do anything, or takes a LONG time to do something. Mostly not.


Some more data:

On two PCs and an iPad, we are getting the following. When clicking Replies on the first message here, where it says there are six replies, I only get four of them (see below). Clicking replies elsewhere on the page does nothing. This is true for Safari (iPad), and Chrome, IE, and Firefox (2 PCs). What is going on? The only thing these things share (other than your site, of course) is a Verizon FIOS Router, that is about two years old. Could Verizon be screwing with our data??? Is anyone else reporting this?

This bug happens on my iPhone too, in Safari, with Desktop mode enabled. It happens both in wifi from my router, and 3G, with wifi turned off on phone.

I asked some friends to try to emulate this; no word back yet. These are the steps I gave them.

  1. Go to this link.
  2. Scroll to the first comment, by user emo_pinata.
  3. Click on the Replies button (it should say 6 Replies).
  4. Count how many replies there are. (I’m getting four.)
  5. Scroll down to the second comment, by user atl.
  6. Click on the Replies button (it should say 1 Reply).
  7. Does the reply show up? (It doesn’t for me.)
  8. Go back to the first comment. Click on the Replies button twice. Scroll down a little then up.
  9. Count how many replies there are. Are they all the same (from user KXKVI)?

Yes, been going on for a few days. @LDoBe made a meta topic about it on July 1st:


Thank you! Whew, it’s not just me.

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Can we repro this in Firefox @eviltrout?

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This was reproed and a fix should be here soon. Sorry about that and thanks for the detailed report.