Option to not go to bottom after replying

Continuing the discussion from YouTube footage of LGBT hate crime goes viral:

The general theory is that you keep reading as you reply, and your reply addresses several posts, with quotes of the relevant sections – so you’re not spamming the topic with 5 distinct, individual replies to 5 different posts.

But if you’d like a user preference that does not take you to the bottom (so you can see your reply) after replying, that’s probably fine. That behavior would probably confuse the hell out of the average person, though (as in: hey, I replied but where is it?), but since it isn’t a default that’s OK.

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That’s the theory. But this post is “Replying to post 1 by @codinghorror”. I can only actually reply to one post no matter how many I quote, and so my style is to default to stick to replying onto what I am replying to. I’ve also never considered making five comments to five individuals in an ongoing lively conversation as spamming. I’ll give that definition some thought.

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Since the topic itself bounds the conversation, it’s likely that your points are related. It’s much easier for me to process your viewpoint as a logical, flowing thought that replies to five points others raised – rather than as five disconnected (potentially disconnected in both space and time) posts.

It also gives me a much better sense of who you are and what you have to say as a coherent whole.

Opinions vary, but it is called “Discourse”, after all, not “hilarious one-liners”. :wink:

I see what you’re saying, but from this chair, this mind uses these these fingers a different way. And not just for funny one liners. Brevity is the soul of more than wit.

i am not likely (and i don’t mean this to be obstinate) to try to tie five responses to five disparate conversations into one comment. It’s five discrete responses to five different people. The form factor may lend itself you your suggested ideal use, but its goin to be used the way we use it, right?

This system does make it easier to reply to more than one person at a time, if people need that and if that’s how it gets used are other matters.

I still don’t think it would be spamming per se to respond to multiple comments individually. Would it?

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Sure. Flexibility is the order of the day, to a certain extent, but swimming upstream can be tiring.

I have told myself a million times to stop exaggerating!

not sure which side of yes/no that falls under. I’m leaning towards no.

Ive probably never spoken on BB of my background in anadromous fisheries.

I would have pegged you as more of an anabantic guy.

5 lb sack in a 10 lb world, etc.

I like the forum changes, overall.

Sorry, I missed this earlier, but this is untrue – every person you quote, you are replying to, and your post will show up as a reply to that person’s post. Try it and see – I suggest using our sandbox at http://try.discourse.org to experiment to your heart’s content.

whaaa? I just tried it in the sandbox and it didn’t work at all (using quote replies). [quote=“acerplatanoides, post:8, topic:2654”]
I like the forum changes, overall.
they’re buggy, though. see?
EDIT: the quote replies show up only if you refresh the page. OK, got it.
RE-EDIT: i mean the little reply indicator in the post of whom i’m replying to in the bottom left of their post. it doesn’t show until you refresh.

I didn’t intend to mislead, I was describing the reply interface only, which says "repling to post n by user’ once and shows one username. So I would tend to address my comments to that user. Now I know, and knowing is half the battle.

It’s pretty cool that a post including quoted text shows up as a reply to each of tne quoted messages, but I didn’t intend to address that part previously.

Just pinging @iamgilbertwham since he apparently forgot this topic existed already.

Also, we really do want to encourage people to read as much of the topic as they can – our overlay composer does not interrupt reading by design – before replying.

Nope. Not forgotten. Been at work for 24hrs. Tiring. I do tend to read things through before I pitch in (ok, not always), I’d just like it to anchor me where I am when I hit ‘reply’ to someone. Being able to reply to replies without having to scroll down & find the reply further down the page & reply to that would be nifty and all.
Cheers for the heads-up tho.


Is this REALLY how you see the system being used? I haven’t seen one example of anyone doing this, they treat it the same as people treat any other forum. It’s not good form to reply to multiple people within one post.
I see you responding to someone else in a post, unrelated to comments I said earlier in the thread and I am less likely to read the rest of the post.
Perhaps your expectation is why you are so against proper threading?

And now I have to pad this post out because “Body is too similar to what you recently posted” because the undelete function doesn’t work right

You would get notified of any quoted reply, just the same as any other reply. And yes plenty of people reply to multiple people in the same post, we are all discussing the same topic, are we not?

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This option now exists in user preferences:


[ ] Don’t jump to my post after I reply