Reply on Android Firefox 48.0 jumps up by 20+ posts

If I reply on my phone, once I post the reply, the page repositions itself to 20+ comments prior to the one I was replying to.

My current workaround is to go to the bottom, and then go to the post I was replying to.

Started sometime in the last week?

Is not happening on Firefox desktop.


Ditto. Exact same thing happening to me.


On Opera, on my phone, when I click the link to a user-created thread I haven’t looked at before, it often takes me to the last post, or maybe a few from the bottom IIRC, as if I’d read it up to that point. I think maybe it only happens when there’s less than say 25 posts… It’s a bit odd.

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You use Opera? Wow, there must be dozens of you guys. :wink:


I use it on the phone, because it has data compression and native adblocking.


Hey I’m not a browser chauvinist. Those are good reasons to use opera. I used it for a long time on my old Samsung Blackjack II, since it was the only alternative browser I could find for Windows Phone v6.2.


@sam @eviltrout @codinghorror

I’ve experienced the jump-back to be anywhere from 10 to 100 posts. IT seems to be unrelated to thread length (As long as there are sufficient posts to jump back), but it might get longer on each subsequent reply in the same thread (not confirmed).

Just as a reminder, we only support the default browser on each mobile platform. Last time I checked, Firefox wasn’t a default browser on any mobile device.

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You hear that, @enso?

Color me disappointed.



“Web standard are hard so we won’t try.”


FirefoxOS…which is used in a number of televisions as well as phones.

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Firefox on mobile is extremely buggy in our experience. Note that Firefox on desktop has no such bug, yes? Why is that? Perhaps direct that specific question at Mozilla.


Yes, clearly it is a bug in the browser. Did you do any investigation of the issue or did you immediately go “we don’t support this” and move on? Seriously, not even fighting here.

Desktop Firefox and Firefox for Android share most of the same code, especially in the parser and other bits under the hood. They’re both based on same overall platform.

I work for Mozilla…

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Great! Then you are in an excellent position to help us get to the bottom of it, and explain:

  1. If this does not happen on Firefox desktop, why not? Isn’t it “the same code”?

  2. If this does not happen on Chrome Android or Safari iOS, why not?

  3. Why is this happening on Firefox Android only?

If you can delve into the details and figure out the answers to the above questions, we’ll be happy to spend engineering time working on this.

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You have me confused with QA. I am not. I’m a security program manager. Since this isn’t a security issue, it isn’t my domain. Since you are the author of this software, on the other hand, I assume it is in yours unless you have actual evidence the bug is in Firefox and not in Discourse.

Why not put your QA people on it? You have QA, right?

It says on Discourse’s FAQ page that it’s uncompromisingly open source. So I guess that makes all of us QA. At least if it’s anything like most open source projects I’ve been involved with.


This is why I quit doing QA and went into security. A lot of startups and projects consider QA to be optional, unlike development, so they just don’t do it anymore or think devs can do it just fine (contrary evidence for decades aside).


We make decisions like that and allocate engineering resources based on market share. What’s the market share of Firefox for Android, exactly? Can you share that with us?

I’m sorry to hear that.

That aside, it isn’t my job to test this site in four different browsers and figure out why they they do things slightly differebtly with their rendering engines and UI interaction. Literally 19 years ago, that was a job I did for the Internet Explorer test team for about 1.5 years. It got pretty old writing up bugs doing it then and I’m paid a lot better for my time now. I’m not the one selling a web forum and/or writing one.

But, hey, if it works in WebKit, it must be fine.

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