"Read posts" weirdness

Okay, I’ve been having an issue for the past couple of days, and I’m wondering if it’s related to the latest updates that have rolled out.

I often use BBS on two devices, one mobile and one desktop. And lately, all of my activity on the mobile side isn’t registering against the blue and grey bubbles. If I go into a thread that I’m told I’ve visited before, viewing that thread on mobile doesn’t update the fact that I’ve read those posts, but it still does on Desktop.

Is that clear? I’m not sure if I’m explaining this well.


I believe I’ve noticed similar. Like I’ll hit NEW on my mobile and read those. I go to my PC and hit NEW and SOME of those NEW I had read on Mobile are there.

Threads have never registered as wholly read for me on mobile (Moto X 2nd gen with all the updates and the latest version of Chrome). The last-post-read updates (and gets reflected on my Mac) but usually a few posts shy.

As far as I can tell, mobile has never once marked a thread as Tracking without me doing it manually. It’s not a huge deal but it’s a bit annoying.

What mobile OS version and what mobile browser and version? Any patterns?

This has been happening (a bit on and off) for at least a month (probably more, I think). Here’s what I’ve noticed:

  • Android 7.0
  • Firefox 49.0.2
  • No specific pattern I can identify
  • It definitely started for me are some point (it wasn’t a problem until quite recently).
  • It didn’t start with Android 7 (I’m hazy about exactly when, but it didn’t coincide with a major software release).
  • Sometimes it does work properly on mobile.
  • I think it sometimes affects some threads while simultaneously not affecting others (I am not positive about this).
  • This has never happened to me except on mobile.

I’m using Firefox for Android 49.0.2 looking at the release date, it may be a problem with this latest release.

Android 6 (kernel 3.4.42-g389e46b, system 24.11.18), Chrome 54.0.2840.68.

But mine’s probably unrelated since read tracking has literally never worked for me (across 2-3 devices).

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