Issue with read posts, issue with keyboard

I currently only access the BBS via an Android mobile, so others may not be having these problems. These probably each deserve a thread, but I’m having two problems:

I am contently seeing the same threads show up as unread in my “suggested topics” at the bottom of a thread. I can visit a thread with unread posts, read all the new ones (scrolling to the bottom of the page so that the counter shows that I’m viewing the most recent post), move on to the next thread, and have the previous thread show up in “suggested topics” as unread. There are some threads which I view daily or almost daily that constantly bring me back to an old post when I go to them. I scroll down when I revisit, and see posts that I’ve already liked, yet they still seem to be considered unread.

The second issue is with typing on my phone, and only happens here on the BBS, just to get that question out of the way. Whenever autocorrect kicks in when I’m typing a reply, strange things happen. If, for example, I type a lowercase “i”, and go on to the next word so that autocorrect capitalizes it, I will usually find that the previous word (before the I) in my post was deleted. If I type in a word that isn’t in the dictionary, autocorrect will change it to a word that I don’t want. In any other case, if I hit backspace, the word will revert back to what I typed. On this site alone, when I hit backspace, it either keeps the word as-is, or deletes it entirely (sometimes it deletes multiple words when I do this). If I type the word I actually want, let autocorrect do its thing (which deletes the word), then try three or four more times, it finally lets me keep the word I typed. I’m at a loss, since this only happens here, and it gets very frustrating.

I hope I’ve explained what I mean properly.


You are not imagining this. I can prove it, though the proof takes some work.

  • Go to the Latest page, and sort the threads so that zero is at the top. Ignore the bug that makes some of them show negative reply counts.
  • Read all of the posts with 0 or 1 comment. It’s a few hundred of each.
  • Come back in a week and observe the many zombies.

I see it all the time, and this:

…Is really an illogical kick in the teeth when it happens.


What version of Android, what browser, what version of Browser? Do you customize the browser in any way or do you run all defaults?

We strongly recommend the latest version of Chrome/Android as it is the default platform browser.

I’ve only recently begun posting using Android (up until a month ago or so was Read-Only on my phone, and only posted from Windows), but I noticed this behavior right away. My workaround when I know I’m typing a werd not in the dictionary (like that werd word there) is to wait a few seconds for the draft to be autosaved before going past it, and then it seems to behave more like predictable autocorrect behavior. It didn’t even try to autocorrect that second werd, for instance. Nor the third.

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Chrome renders the mobile version of the page though, and Firefox displays like it’s grown-up counterpart, which makes following conversations a lo easier.

Chrome 51.0.2704.81 on Android 6.0

I think it’s all default.

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I’m getting the problem with posts marked unread on chrome 51.0.2704.81 android 5.00 on a samsung s5.

I’m getting the keyboard issue on Chrome 50.0.2661.89 on Android 6.0.1 running (AFAIK) all default-settings.

I find it mostly happens when I go back to correct an error earlier in my post. I am able to type the word where I want to correct it, but when I go back to the bottom of the text box to continue typing, it tries to overwrite the word that I just wrote higher up in the text box.

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Hey @codinghorror, have you managed to replicate this?

The evening I wrote that post, I cleared everything from Zero Replies through 2 Replies (part way into 3 actually), and sure enough, they’re back in droves tonight.

ETA - There were roughly 55 unread in the 1 Reply category tonight, in spite of me regularly clearing that section for many repetitions now.

ETAA - And about 34 in the 2 Replies filter, including these ones several times for sure now:

Hmm can you provide me with a specific list of words that I can try typing to reproduce the issue?

I tried typing words that will be auto corrected on Facebook’s status input field and I’m getting the same behavior. Right now I’m not sure if this is a Discourse bug or Google Keyboard bug. :thinking:


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I’ve had a heck of a time trying to find something reproducible (if I erase and retype a phrase that had an issue, it often no longer has an issue), but this seems reproducible and at least related, and shows the kind of behavior I originally described:

  1. Starting with a new line in a reply, make a spoiler (press the gear, blur spoiler (not that you didn’t know how)). This will make it so that the next text entered shows up in the spoiler.
  2. Before you start typing, capitalize. (I want my spoiler’d sentence to start with a capital letter)
  3. Everything’s messed up.

I use the workaround where I type the sentence first, then spoilerize it, but this behavior is at least kind of what I was taking about at first.

Also, the obvious example is to just type (using swipe) lowercase “i”, then continue on to the next word (as one does with swipe). For me, the “i” is capitalized, but the next word doesn’t even show up. Does this not happen for you?

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