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Sorry, I don’t work in marketing. I could Google for an answer if you’d like.

So you do have paid QA staff, you just don’t test in non-default mobile browsers? OK.

Well, given all the open source talk on Boing Boing, I suspect you might have a few Firefox users here. I noticed the bug last year but I didn’t recall an easy public bug database for Discourse so I didn’t report it. I certainly didn’t spend time debugging it. I just learned the site was broken in certain ways and moved on.


Answering my own question, this is the market share of Firefox for Android:

And here

It looks like Firefox for Android share is approximately 0.04%. It’s very difficult to justify engineering effort with those numbers.

Based on our experience with it (bad, as in, buggy), and the market share numbers, I suggest using a different mobile browser, like perhaps the default mobile browser that came on your device. We explicitly support those. And they’re quite good.

Firefox on desktop is great, of course, and 100% supported.


However you want to justify poor QA.

I’m done here. Going to bed and then to work in the morning.


I’m gonna call bullshit on that one, since I don’t know of any default mobile browser that has built in adblocking or even supports that kind of extension.

IIRC stock android browser doesn’t even let you turn off scripting. That makes it a terrible browser by default IMNSHO.


Mobile Safari supports adblock extensions:


Samsung’s stock browser might. It won’t run on my phone (wouldnt even walk, lol!) but might be something?


@codinghorror Eh, I have no intension of ever using Safari, but that’s definitely fair enough.

@M_M I had a Galaxy S5 for two years, and after the first week trying to find plugins or addons for the stock samsung browser (there were none for like a year) I just went with FF mobile because it has documentation, support forums, and addons and plugins. I know for a fact that Chrome for android will never have plugins or addons. That’s been stated by the dev team.


Ahh, this is pretty recent. Like this year recent eh.


Hah! Opera is actually fairly popular.


It is just repackaged Chrome though at this point.


Nahh opera mini is a completely different beast aimed at ultra low spec phones and places with severe network challenges like Africa where it is super popular

Opera Mini requests web pages through Opera Software’s servers, which process and compress them before sending them to the mobile phone, speeding up transfer by two to three times and dramatically reducing the amount of data transferred

Given the design I doubt any privacy aware people on boing boing would even consider using it

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