New interface - Ugh

Anyone want to allege any benefits?

Ok, that was odd.

Did I miss it?

I know things happen fast.

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Me too? What was different, youse all?



When I loaded up the site, it was different. It reverted back to normal within a few minutes. Some kind of test, I suppose.


It had less info readily available. Fewer stats about the threads. Also, the Controls at the top of the page were not as easily accessible.

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Weird… I wonder if it was just a glitch for you or as you speculate, a test?

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Sounds too major to be just a failure loading/applying the stylesheet? “Flash of unstyled content”?

If there’s a complete and blanket denial that anything’s going on and we should just go about our business, I’m calling cover-up. /s

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It seemed to organized to be a glitch. It was more like an alternate interface. Of course, the loading of this alternate interface could have been a glitch, true.

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I genuinely have no idea what you’re referring to. Perhaps you got the mobile stylesheet when on desktop of vice-versa?

No testing going on that I’m aware of.


It could have been the wrong style sheet.

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Yeah, it does that from time to time

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But the mobile site isn’t much different than regular imho compared to most sites.

Maybe OP has some extension interfering? Sometime sites behave oddly til I get noscript tweaked.

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Oops, I did it again.

On refresh, it fixed itself.


Yeah, that looks like mobile on widescreen mode.


Hey, that’s me in the corner! That’s me in the spotlight!

(Lost my religion a long time ago though.)


Dueling ear worms?


The next viral mashup. :smile:

Assuming people still make those. . .


I hope this is on topic, but how might I get rid of that horribly annoying “Top Stories” window that insists on getting in my way on the front page? I keep closing it and it keeps coming back.

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I was just searching for any topics discussing the “Top Stories” box. The way it flashes is really distracting when reading. Might as well just be a blink tag that says “Fuck you”.

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