Is it me? Boing Boing site unreadable

On my iPhone, when I open an article, I get the headline followed by store, trends, popular links, and then the article. This makes reading anything frustrating.

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You are reading the main site? Well that’s your problem right there… :imp:
Does it do this for the /blog or /ascii format?
Checking on android now just for funs.

ETA not seeing this on Android/Chrome.

@beschizza this is your realm IIRC.

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This is an iOS 10 iPhone using Safari? I can’t duplicate what you’re seeing. Are you running any Safari plugins (adblockers or the like?)


Seems to be working ok now. Using safari. Was just weird the last couple of days. Gremlins.

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I’m seeing a similar, looks like styles aren’t loading. Using Purify for iOS so maybe that’s the problem, but I also saw something similar on desktop Safari (with no ad-blockers).

It’s definitely intermittent – I’ll try to grab a screenshot on desktop if it pops up again there.


so weird. Are you just hitting plain ol ?

Yeah! And now it looks fine.

It’s not just the front page, it’s the article view as well.

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I am seeing similar issue

I’ve periodically been finding the site basically unreadable to to loading times, ever since those animated headline panes got added at the bottom of the article (which look really dated). Not all the time though. I have been stripping Chrome down to try to get better speed, but it does seem to be an issue restricted to boingboing article pages.

It’s not you. Something is up, but I’m not sure what.

We’re working to figure it out ASAP. Thanks.


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