Comment section links not showing on iOS

For the past few days, the links to the comment section of articles don’t show up for me, using Safari on an iPad running iOS 12.2.
In fact, the whole section containing the share / tweet / comments links as well as the hashtags is missing, and in its place is a large white space, around one screen height on my iPad.

As you are probably aware, the links show normally when browsing the site on a desktop computer.

I can also browse the BoingBoing bbs normally on iOS, just the links in the main articles are missing.

Anyone experiencing the same issue and any idea how to fix it?


Are you running Safari adblockers on iOS by any chance?


I’m not, yet experiencing the same problem @SqualusAcanthias describes, white box and all. I’d put it down to being in China sans VPN, but maybe that’s not the problem.


I’ve been seeing the same thing, ipad, in the US, no ad blockers.


No adblockers, and I’m not in China.

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Ditto. US, no adblockers, and true for both iPad and iPhone. OK on Win 10 PC.

Here’s a screenshot from my iPad. The ad seems to be covering some important stuff, perhaps even the link to comments.

See screen shot below, I get a big blank spot, as if there has been confusion when reading the comments link.


That’s the way it displays for me as well.

I don’t see the hashtags list at all.

It may be that there is some kind of white space placeholder for an ad that completely covers these UI elements (although I don’t have an ad blocker on my tablet so why this placeholder would be shown instead of an ad is another question).

I only see parts of them sometimes, and have noticed different amounts of covering.

Weird thing - I read a post, then hit back and then forward in the browser, and the link to BBS appeared.

Repeated, and then it disappeared and reverted to white space.

I reported this about a week ago and was told that everything was fine at the sysadmin’s end, so I must have been mistaken. Glad to see I’m not the only one having this problem.

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Just popping in to say it’s fucking annoying, since I like seeing the comment threads, they keep me better informed.

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For the devices this happens on, is it every URL or only some posts?

Every post on safari on an iPad running up to date iOS. I just tested chrome on the same device - same result.

Although I have just discovered it looks fine on the phone, again with the current iOS and safari.


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Same for me, iOS on iPad.

And for me.

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