Show full Post largely useless


On my Mac, clicking “Show full Post” doesn’t do much of anything. Clicking it simply brings up “This is a companion topic for the original entry at…”

So, two clicks to do the job of one. Here’s an animated gif of the sequence.

Running Safari 8.08 on MacOSX 10.10

Wehere's the 'Show Full Post' Button Gone?

It does that for me, too. Safari 8.08.


Hooooooolllllllllllylyyyyyyyy shit you even made a GIF about it. Kudos to you, sir, as I’m having the same issue.

EDIT: Chrome/mac.


Albeit one that takes a while to get started. licecap is what I used, and this is my first attempt.


It’s killin’ me, too.

Safari/iOS 8.4.1


Brand new iMac and Chrome, same dealio.


Lynx, as/400, same issue


Windows 7/Firefox same thing


Yup, me too, on everything. Android, Win7 & Linux. Stock Droid browser Chrome and FF across the board. Soooooo, is it a bug, or a click-metrics ‘feature’?




@sam @zogstrip ?




The new kid?


Can we blame Apple and IOS9?

New Layout?

Ok, still getting it on some posts, but not on Marks most recent post?


Same issue Win7/Chrome.

Also, the RSS link changed. It is now (I mention for any other geezers who still use RSS.)


I just fixed this issue (it was due to new post layout).

New Layout?

Thanks. Judging by the sample of bbs topics I’ve seen, it appears to be working.


Yay, I was wondering if the feed was b0rk3d.


Is it me, or is it pulling extra stuff at the end that isn’t part of the post?