New Layout?


I for one (long time lurker, currently more active because I’m bored) dislike(d) the main page as it’s not the job of the CMS explaining me what I have to find interesting - so it was /page/1 for me (I’m able to define my own filter bubble, thanks a lot).

The current situation is unsatisfactory:

  • /grid is complete and up-to-date, but I will not choose my reading based on an image
  • /blog and /category/post are generally fine but incomplete

Until the situation is resolved I use /feed (displayed as web page, not in some RSS viewer or as dynamic bookmark) as entry point: All posts are displayed and I get at least a little bit of the text


I don’t dislike this layout anymore than I disliked the other one, and I guess it has the benefit of not causing me to just completely ignore an entire column of content most of the time because I’d only read down the side that had new stuff/stuff I usually was interested in. I’ll like /blog when it’s not out of date.

Overall: … Oh… okay.


It’s more the blog view people have issues with, rather than the main site.

I’m not sure that’s true: My impression is that many folks here have given up on the main site, were using /page and now /blog, and are complaining that the /blog experience isn’t as good as the /page experience was. That’s certainly how I feel.

For example, clicking on the graphic (not the title) for “WATCH: Ahmed Muhamed’s awesome press conference about being a rogue clockmaker in America” on the main site shows me the YouTube video; clicking on it from /blog does nothing. I’d like to see the author, comment-count, etc. moved back up by the title. And while I’m asking for tweaks, how about we consider /blog to be the “old fogey” view and ban animated gifs from there?


Yeah, that’s kinda my point. I’d bet most of the regulars were using /page, 'cause they never liked the main site, and it’ll be casual viewers mostly who use the main site, who aren’t regular posters, and so don’t complain about it much.
Now that /page got trashed, it seems better at the moment to use /post, as /blog still isn’t updating as regularly as /post.
And neither of them say how many comments have been posted below the main blurb.
Why oh why change it in the first place?
If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.


Will the real Boing Boing please stand up?

As of about 16:45 BST, the first story of each view:

Capitalization as per original. /grid has no link from anywhere, as far as I can tell. /blog has a link on the page. /blog/1 is from a comment by Rob buried in the forum. /blog/0 is an address I typed in on a whim an hour or so ago; I have no idea if there’s a clue hidden in an obscure corner of the forum, or something the preferred audience of BB are supposed to just know about.

As I’m unemployed at the moment, I have plenty of time to mess about trying to figure out how the new BB is supposed to work; if I was working, I think I’d probably give the site a pass for a couple of weeks until it was sorted out. Though that might stretch out some if, as I suspect from previous behaviour, it gets sorted out but no explanation or guide is posted anywhere it might be easily found. As it is, I’m about ready to give up now; I fully expect /blog/-1 to be the most up-to-date page tomorrow, in the format I want to view Boing Boing.




Rob, count me as another who was using /page/1 and is now using /category/post (which misses some posts e.g. Cory’s post with the video of Ahmed’s press conference) until /blog catches up. One issue: I found Ahmed’s press conference post listed under another individual post. The assortment of posts that appear beneath a current post are dated but their dates don’t mention the year, and at first I thought I was seeing other new posts that hadn’t been scooped up in the /category/post folder. It was only on clicking through to the comments of those other linked posts that I was able to see they were actually from years ago. Would it be possible to add the year for those posts that reappear as suggested further reading, when they are from more than 12 months ago? Thanks for your responsiveness to all the readers’ concerns.


Awesome. Thanks.


So umm is this new format ever going to actually work, because right now there are a bunch of different versions of BoingBoing stuck at various posts.



As /blog/ is a tribute to the BB of a decade ago – see – it probably won’t change. But if it becomes popular, that’s a good idea.


It would also appear that Youtube embeds are now broken in the RSS feed. They now appear as just the text of the Youtube page (not even a proper link). In Inoreader, any way.


There are about 100k uniques hitting the blog view a month. Enough to make it worth my while! There is a weird caching problem, but /blog/ should get everything. Nothing’s excluded from it.

category/post might drop things because authors decide to uncheck “post” – rare, but sometimes done on features and what have you.

/grid/ uses the same posts as /blog/ but isn’t suffering from the same caching problem


Good idea. We might also be adding Authors, too, to make clear they aren’t just different sections of the same article.


These are just random 404s getting routed god knows where.

http:/, etc, would be what you’re looking for


I was momentarily thrown but I find it a bit more intuitive than the last one.



That makes no sense whatsoever, even as a joke.

I honestly can’t tell if you’re being serious or not.


Wordpress, our CMS, generates pages according to its own internal pagination scheme. We don’t have control over this.

And so on. is an alias


and so on.

Wordpress is, indeed, a joke. But it is a joke played on everyone.

The top-level joke:

Is now in disuse, as no-one really wants to have a “page 2” of the “magazine” style layout the front door embodies – they want a plain reverse-chron sequence at that point – and the crude hack that we used to redirect page/1/ to the blog in the past is no longer considered a Good Idea. So instead the link goes to /grid/page/n where it picks up at the same point.

I might just bung in a plain old apache redirect from /page/1 to /blog/ though. But the Apache Master is on vacation :smiley:


Don’t say I don’t love you

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